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Attendance Updates

Attendance Updates

Weekly Attendance

Class 12 Oct YTD
Kangaroo 92 91.8
Wallaby 88.8 94
Leopard 94.8 96.2
Lion 88.7 95.1
Tiger 100 97.1
Hedgehog 96.2 94
Badger 95.7 95
Fox 99 95.9
Falcon 98.5 96
Kestrel 98 97
Eagle 100 96.2
Totals 95.8 95.4

There have been 13 children absent from school due to unauthorised holidays during term time since September. Had these children been in school our overall yearly attendance to date would be 96.3%.


Our commitment to improving attendance

As part of Leigh Academies Trust, Molehill Primary Academy is committed to improving the attendance of all of our pupils.

The former post of Education Welfare Officer (EWO) has been replaced with the post of Designated School Liaison Officer. These officers will work closely with schools and academies to address occurrences of low attendance. Part of the change involves bringing in earlier referrals to the Early Help Workers for families where attendance is below expectations and where no improvement in attendance has been seen.

As an academy, we have also reviewed our systems and arrangements for dealing with attendance issues. Mrs Hammond our Pastoral Support Worker will focus on working with identified families to improve both attendance and punctuality within the academy.

If your child is unable to come to school you MUST report this to reception, in person, by telephone, text or email on the morning of absence. If you fail to do this, absence will be recorded as unauthorised. All unauthorised absence will be addressed and a Penalty Notice will be requested when 5 days/10 sessions of unauthorised absence is reached. Please contact Mrs Hammond if there are circumstance that affect your child’s attendance.

DfE guidance: School attendance parental responsibility measures

Attendance –


                                                                OUR SCHOOL TARGET IS 96%                                                                     We expect all children to attend school at least 96% of the school year.


Every minute counts! Lateness = lost learning. The figures below are calculated over a school year:

  • 5 minutes late each day – 3 days lost!
  • 10 minutes late each day – 6.5 days lost!
  • 15 minutes late each day – 10 days lost!
  • 20 minutes late each day – 13 days lost!
  • 30 minutes late each day – 19 days lost!

Every school day counts!

  • 100% attendance – 190 days attendance
  • 95% attendance – 180 days attendance – 2 weeks absence
  • 90% attendance – 171 days attendance – 4 weeks absence
  • 85% attendance – 161 days attendance – 6 weeks absence
  • 80% attendance – 152 days attendance – more than half a term’s absence
  • 75% attendance – 143 days attendance – 9 + weeks absence

 Please find below document links for your information

If your child falls ill in school leaflet

Consequences to parents


Celebrating Attendance

This year  pupils can earn HOUSE POINTS for attending school regularly. 100% attendance, excellent attendance and most improved attendance will all be recognised at the end of each full term.

Rewards for Attendance

  • 1 House Point for 100% attendance EVERY WEEK
  • 20 House Points at the end of EVERY TERM for 100% attendance
  • 5 House Points at the end of EVERY TERM if your attendance is above 96%
  • Certificates for 100%, over 96% and most improved attendance
  • CELEBRATION & RAFFLE for the parents of children who have 100% attendance