Badger Class

Badger Class

Welcome to Badger Class!




Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to welcome everyone back to school after a wonderful hot summer break.  The children are already settling in well to their new class and we have lots of exciting things planned this term.

Our topic ‘All About Me’ will give the children lots of  engaging opportunities; see the newsletter for details.

We look forward to meeting you all soon at our Fabulous Finish.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller and Mrs Vaughan

Badger TERM 1 Letter

Our new classroom door plaque!

We are currently working on the topic ‘The Stone Age’.  Today we used our research about how people lived in that time to construct Stone Age homes.




Welcome back after a refreshing half term.  This term will be really exciting as the children will be working on the topic ‘How we express ourselves’.  This topic allows the children to be creative with writing, art, drama, poetry and music.  It also allows them to question and research ideas, culture, values and beliefs.  We have already begun by questioning the idea of ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ in fairy tales and acting them out in groups.  We look forward to inviting you soon to see them!

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Badger TERM 2 Letter

TERM 3 January 2019

We hope that everyone had a great Christmas holiday and that Term 3 will be as enjoyable as Term 2.  We will be researching How the World Works and linking many subjects to this topic. Our inquiry will focus on:

How was the world formed and what is its structure?

How do we know?

How can we evidence?

What do we mean by extreme weather?

Where is it likely to occur?

What are natural disasters?

Can they be prevented?

We have already begun by making models of the Earth’s structure.

For further information and new homework arrangements, please see the newsletter below.

Badger Term 3 letter

We have been making models using chocolate to help us understand how rocks are formed.

We used white and dark chocolate to make sedimentary rocks.


Welcome back for Term 4.  We hope you had an enjoyable half term and that the children are rested and ready for more hard work and fun! This term we are working on the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we organise ourselves’ with the central idea of how all members contribute to make a community.  We are comparing our own community with one in Blanes, Spain. To begin our work, we will be tasting some delicious Spanish party food on Friday 1st March. See the letter below for further information.

Badger Term 4 letter

Here we are dipping and tasting delicious chocolate churros!

Letter TERM 6 Colour


We all enjoyed mummifying our parents/ carers at our Fantastic Finish at the end of Term 5!

Models of the flowering plant.

Our day in Mote Park.

We used paper and Plasticine!

Mote Park