Eagle Class

Eagle Class

Last term seemed to fly by in a flash! The children worked extremely hard in the final few weeks and the progress they are all making has been fantastic. They need to keep this up for the next few weeks (SATS are 14th-17th May) and their attitudes to learning so far this week have been exceptional. There is a determination to do well and improve – this is vital moving forward.

In the coming weeks, the children need to remain calm and relaxed which will aid their learning and progress. Early nights, a good breakfast and staying hydrated are all key too. We’ve had 15 regular attendees to breakfast club in the last few weeks which is great, but it would be fantastic to see me.

After the SATS are completed, there will be more opportunity for the children to unwind and enjoy their last 2 months at Molehill Primary Academy. There will be learning going on for sure, but the children will have control of this. Expect to see lots of projects and smiling faces coming home every evening in the sunshine.

There’s 3 and half weeks to go until May 14th; if we keep working together, the week will be a breeze.