Falcon Class

Falcon Class

Falcon newsletter term 4Falcon Term 1

Welcome to the start of the new school year. Your latest newsletter is above. Keep checking your  Falcon class page for homework and spellings, news, celebration of work and information.


During Term 1, we will be focusing on times tables.  Your child will receive tables to suit their ability each week.  We hope you will help them to learn their table facts so that they can progress to the next set of table facts quickly.  This could be done while walking to or from school, in the car and any time at home!  There will also be a weekly piece of English homework.

They will also receive spellings each week.

Spellings for Friday 15th September, to be learned by Thursday 21st September are as follows:

  1. available
  2. average
  3. awkward
  4. bargain
  5. bruise
  6. autumn
  7. whistle
  8. doubt
  9. island
  10. solemn


The children have made an enthusiastic start on our new topic  –  Space.  They were thoroughly engaged on Wednesday when they visited the Astrodome which was set up in the school hall.  They learned about our Solar System, the relationship and movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon as well as many other interesting facts about space.

Our space guide prepares to take Molehill on a tour into space.

Our space guide prepares to take Molehill on a tour into space.


A fully equipped model.

A fully equipped model.

Testing Gravity (below)

Falcon Class conducted a science investigation about gravity. We found that two objects that were the same shape fell at the same speed even though they were different weights.


Falcon Class conducted a science investigation about gravity. We found that two objects that were the same shape fell at the same speed even though they were different weights.


Air Resistance

We made parachutes to deliver eggs from the height of a stepladder.  We found that air resistance affected the force of gravity.  It slowed down the falling egg.  Some hit the floor without breaking!



Planets painted by Falcon Class

Planets painted by Falcon Class


Term 1 Science

IMG_0082 IMG_0086 IMG_0089

Term 1 Science in Falcon Class.


In Falcon Class we have been studying Earth and Space alongside Forces.

Term 2-

Our topic this term is Victorious Vikings. Over half term children are encouraged to research the topic and present either a piece of written research about Vikings or a model. Models could include:

  • A Viking helmet
  • A Viking shield
  • A Viking longboat
  • Viking jewellery
  • A Viking house.

There will be lots of opportunities for the students to explore and learn about life as a Viking, leading to some extended writing pieces among other work.


Falcon Class Letter Term 2 F

Welcome to the new term.  Above you will find a copy of the curriculum that we will be covering this term.

We are glad to see that the children have returned refreshed and excited about our new topic ‘Vikings’ and that they have settled down quickly to hard work.  A glance at our writing wall photograph proves that they have made an excellent start!

We also received some fantastic Viking shields that the children made at home during the half term.  Well done to the children who made them – and any parents who helped! They have really added something to our display and any further additions are very welcome.

This term, children will be completing their homework in a book.  We hope that children will continue to be as organised as last term; nearly 100% of children submitted their homework.  This is really important for the children to extend their learning beyond the classroom and we would like to thank you for your continued support.  Homework will be set on Mondays to be returned on Fridays.IMG_0578 IMG_0579 IMG_0581 IMG_0582

Term 2-

Falcon class have begun learning to play the flute this term. It has proved to be quite tricky but they have persevered well and are continuing to improve week by week. They will be expert flautists in no time!


In science this term Falcon class have been coming to the rescue of the teachers. Staff have been finding that sugar is taking too long dissolve in their coffee and tea at break time so they are not having enough time to drink it. All of the children know that without their drinks the teachers become a little grumpy so the children have been testing how they can speed up the process of dissolving sugar in order to ensure their teachers are always happy. They have discovered that maybe the teachers should use a different type of sugar.

Design and Technology

We have been designing our own Viking weapons in D&T this term in Falcon class (you never know when you are going to have to go on a raid after all!) Once we had designed our bone crushers and blood sharks we then made them from clay. We also designed and made our own Viking shields to ensure we were ready to defend ourselves on our Viking ventures.

Happy New Year!   TERM 3

We hope you had an enjoyable break over Christmas and are looking forward to a happy and successful New Year for yourselves and the children.  Although they have only been back for a short time, they are already working hard.  Our topic for this term is the Winter Olympics which are due to commence in PyeongChang, South Korea on 9th February 2018.  Falcon Class are very enthusiastic about this, and I’m sure we will produce some excellent work to share with you at the end of term.  Further details are included in our newsletter below.

Falcon newsletter term 3

WE are currently working hard on our display. Watch this space!

We are currently working hard on our display. Watch this space!


Welcome back to Term 4. This should be a very exciting term as children chose the topic themselves; World War Two. They have already completed a great deal of research and we are now looking forward to our trip on Thursday 1st March to The Imperial War Museum. Our display should be complete in the next few days so photographs will follow.

Falcon newsletter term 4

Mr Cook from Maidstone Girls' Grammar.

Mr Cook from Maidstone Girls’ Grammar.

Last term, during Science Week, we enjoyed a visit from Science Teacher Mr Peter Cook from MGGS. He showed us some fascinating science on the theme of ‘Changing Materials’ and ‘Sound’. The lesson was interactive and the children thoroughly enjoyed extending their knowledge of this topic.


The display so far!IMG_0684





Term 5 – Summer Term

Welcome to Term 5! We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable Easter.  Now that we are in the Summer Term, we hope that we can use the school grounds for much of out topic work that involves the study of animals and plants – photographs to follow shortly.

Falcon newsletter term 5

Our work so far!

Our work so far!

Our displays so far!

Our displays so far!

aptil 2

dis april

Summer Term 6

Welcome back to the last term of year 5. We hope all the children are refreshed and ready to work hard in this exciting and final term.

Our topic this term, Extreme Survivors, will be based around the book Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. The book is about a family who follow their dream and set off on a voyage around the world in a yacht. Following a storm, Michael, aged 12, is washed up on a desert island. It is the story of his survival.

Our termly newsletter is available below:
Falcon newsletter term 6

This year the children have enjoyed a weekly flute lesson with some fantastic results. This will continue into June and we hope you will join us in the hall on Wednesday, 27th June at 10am for a flute presentation. This will last for approximately one hour. In addition, we hope to see as many of you as possible on the afternoon of Thursday July 12th from 2.15pm for this term’s Fabulous Finish.

International Week

As part of our work for International Week, Falcon Class learned about the culture of India. We made peacocks as this is the national bird of India. Peacocks symbolise grace, pride, and beauty. They are a sign of joy for all who see them.

Building shelters and erecting a tent.

As part of our Extreme Survivors topic, we built our own shelter and erected a tent on the school field.