Fox Class

Fox Class

Welcome to Fox Class with Mr Duley and Mrs Verrill.

Fox pupils have made an excellent start to term 1 and have begun the year by embracing the whole school topic of ‘Who I am’.

Pupils have described the intriguing and curious alien life-form, Dr Xarkle, using a variety of adjectives and a range of sentence starters. They have identified Verbs and Nouns within an Autumn poem and have been practicing their handwriting and spellings in class.  In Maths, we have been developing our skills using Place Value using ones to ten thousands and even some decimal numbers.

Fox class have also explored the time-line of Prehistoric Britain, and they have drawn a stone-age family inside a cave. In RE, the pupils have learnt about the founder of Islam and created their first pieces of Islamic Art. The class impressed their teachers with their athleticism and team work playing bench-ball and made a great start to their series of swimming lessons.

This week, Mr Duley was particularly impressed with how the Fox class pupils worked in pairs and used a Dictionary to find the meanings to important keywords such as Reflective, Caring, Communicators and Open-Minded.

We are going to be continuing to discuss what makes us who we are, and we will be exploring what keeps our bodies healthy.

Our Newsletter has important information about what we are covering this term and can be found below.

Fox Class Letter Term 1



We encourage Teamwork and an Excellent Attitude in the classroom  to gain House Points.






Our Book Corner



Welcome to Fox class’ new teacher, Mrs Russell, who will be imparting all of her excellent knowledge and experience on to the children to develop and support every aspect of their learning.

During term 3, Fox class learned all about the water cycle and how it affects us and others around the world. We conducted an experiment to turn ‘dirty’ water into ‘clean’ water using condensation. Mr Etheridge agreed to be our ‘guinea pig’ and try the first glass of clean water that was produced. Mmm, tasty!!



The children made masks depicting Big cats of the jungle which were part of our topic lessons.

Fox class children were lucky enough to experience a tour of The Amazon Rainforest, The Great Barrier Reef and other wonders of the world through the use of ‘Virtual Reality’ headsets which were on loan to the school from Leigh Academy Trust.  Lots of ooohs and Ahhhs and wows were heard as the children toured these beautiful parts of the real world in a virtual one.


Welcome back to the children in Fox class. We are looking forward to another super learning journey.  We hope that parents and carers will continue to be as supportive of the children and the school in Term 4 as they have been in previous terms.

Our newsletter, which has information about the subjects we will be covering this term, can be found below.

Fox Class Term 4 newsletter



Welcome back to Term 6 to the children in Fox class and to their parents and carers.  This term is always the busiest term of the year but we hope it will be fun filled alongside some amazing learning. Let’s hope the sun shines on us all as we wing our way towards Summer!

Our latest newsletter is available to view below and contains information about our learning themes and several dates for your diary.


Fox Term 6 letter

September 2019

Welcome back to everyone after the long summer holidays.  The children have settled back really quickly and have an exciting first term ahead of them.  For details, please see our first newsletter below.

Kind regards,

Miss Miller, Mrs Eades and Mrs Lange

FOX TERM 1 Letter

We have been making models to show the different parts of our digestive system.

Warburton’s visited Fox Class to teach us about the history of their factory and healthy eating that includes bread. We all made a healthy sandwich!

For our Fabulous Finish we made sets of human teeth using our knowledge of the different types of teeth and their function.

Welcome to Term 2. Please see the newsletter below.

FOX TERM 2 Letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and the children are ready to do their best in Term 3.  For information about this term, please see the newsletter below.  We hope everyone will have a fun and productive term 3.

FOX TERM 3 Letter