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Welcome to Hedgehog Class!

*Covid19 update*

During the school closure, all children have been provided with home learning which includes Maths, English, Handwriting and Spellings. Resources and activities will also be uploaded onto ‘Google Classroom’.

Google classroom:

Work will be uploaded for children to complete on Google classroom, they have been shown how to use this in school and all have a unique e-mail address and password to log in. These have been sent home with the children.

Here is a step-by-step guide of how to join Google Classroom:

Joining a Google classroom


Maths at home:

Please see this link for guidance for Year 3 parents about what and how maths is taught:



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Hello all,


Welcome to Term 1! I am sure this will be an exciting and successful term for Hedgehog Class.  Please see our first newsletter below for useful information.

Kind regards,

Miss Chapman and Mrs Tolley

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This is our classroom. Take a look…



PYP Curriculum:

Our transdisciplinary theme for Term 1 is: Who We Are

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Lines of Inquiry –

  1. Physical health contributing towards wellbeing
  2. Mental health contributing towards wellbeing
  3. How are we similar and different from others and how does our culture influence this?

What the children wanted to find out about the human body:

  • What makes us move our bodies?
  • How do our bones move?
  • What happens to our body when we die?
  • Why do we have different eye, hair and skin colours?

What the children wanted to find out about mental health:

  • What is good mental health?
  • What is bad mental health?
  • What happens in your brain to affect your mental health?
  • What could happen if you don’t get enough sleep?

What the children wanted to find out about culture:

  • What are some other cultures?
  • Why do people wear different clothes?
  • What foods do people from other cultures eat?
  • Why do some people use knives and forks when others don’t?

The UN Sustainable Goal: 

3. Good Health and Wellbeing

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Science experiment: Creating our own digestive system

The children enjoyed (and felt a little queasy) replicating food traveling through our digestive system. See our experiment write-up and photos below.

Mrs. Brierley covered her nose when she came to watch our experiment because the hall smelt so bad!

experiment write up class final



World in a tent: Nepalese Culture workshop

We had visitors from Nepal talk to us about their country and show us the traditional dancing and clothes. We were able to dress up in traditional attire, play instruments and join in with the dancing.


Warburtons workshop!

We had Warburtons (the bread company) come to visit our school and they spoke to us about healthy living. We were all dressed up in aprons and hair nets (even Miss Chapman, Mrs Tolley and Mrs West) to make healthy sandwiches. We loved it!


There was hardly any waste left over, we did a great job!


Mental health: Awareness day 10th October

In lower KS2, children came to take part in a mindfulness activity where we practiced breathing techniques and listened to relaxing spa music.



We celebrated the end of Term 1 by having fun in PE with the parachute!



Welcome to Term 2!

Have a look at our newsletter for your information:

class newsletter term 2

Our transdisciplinary theme for Term 2 is: How We Organise Ourselves

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Lines of Inquiry –

  1. How are we similar and different from others and how does our culture influence this
  2. How do different people from around the World organise themselves?
  3. How have people organised themselves throughout history?

What the children wanted to find out about how people have organised themselves around the world:

Do people have different clothes and why?

Why do we live in different countries?

How do other people travel?

What do other people eat?

How do other countries organise themselves?

What the children wanted to find out about how people have organised themselves throughout history:

What different groups of people have there been throughout History?

Which country was the first?

How are Romans different to others?

The UN Sustainable Goals: 

11: Sustainable cities and communities

15: Life on land

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Term 3!

Please find attached the Term 3 Newsletter for your information:

Term 3 newsletter ..

Our transdisciplinary theme for Term 3 is: Sharing the Planet

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Lines of Inquiry –

  1. Changes on Earth: the impact of people’s choices
  2. Earth’s finite and infinite resurces
  3. Sharing land historically and now

What the children wanted to find out about sharing the planet:

What is climate change?

Why are people cutting down trees and destroying animal’s habitats?

What do people do to help the planet?

Are we polluted by smoke?

How many animals are becoming extinct?

How is the world changing?

Is it true the Earth is going to die?

What charities look after animals?

Why do people do poaching?

Who is Greta Thunberg?

Who is David Attenborough?


*More pictures from Term 3 and 4 coming soon*


Term 4