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Welcome to Hedgehog Class.

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Welcome back to Term 3!
We hope everyone has had a good holiday and are all refreshed and ready for an exciting term.

This term Hedgehog Class will be looking at: How the World Works.
Our central idea is: Climate and Weather have an impact on society.

We are very excited as there are a lot of things planned. Please check back to see what we have done.

Important dates:
03/01/19 – Term 3 Begins
01/02/19 – Young Voices at the 02
TBC         – Fabulous Finish
15/02/19 – Term 2 Ends

Newsletter: TBC

Spellings and Homework:
Spellings for Term 3

Homework Week 2
Homework Week 3
Homework Week 4
Homework Week 5
Homework Week 6
Homework Week 7


What a fun term we have had so far!
This term we have been looking at: How We Organise Ourselves. Our central idea that we have been learning about is that economies are dependent on the exchange of goods and services.

This is the board at the back of our classroom that shows our learning. As you can see it has been a busy term!

As part of our topic and part of 7Billion ideas we planned, designed, created and presented a product that would help change the world. There were many fab ideas and one group was chosen to go and present their idea to Mr Etheridge!

 Here are some of our fantastic ideas!


Last week someone broke into our classroom and left a horrific mess! The class (and Miss Jones) came in on Tuesday to find the classroom like this:
   A complete mess!

  There was a letter to Santa
and some strange signs.

The letter said:

We decided that the world needed to know! So Miss Jones contacted Santa and asked for an interview (pictures to come soon) and we created news stories to go with the interview explaining what had happened and why the elves were so upset.

From the letter and signs we realised it was an elf that had broken into the classroom. However, we couldn’t find him! Over the next few days we started noticing some differences in our room…

  So we made some traps, laid cookies in them and went home for the weekend. They worked!


However he keeps escaping from the traps and doing naughty things..

We have had a lot of fun this term!

Our fabulous finish is on Thursday 13th December at 2:15pm. We hope to see you there.

Please remember to have P.E kits in every day, because even though our P.E day is on a Thursday this can, and does change. 

Online Learning

We are signed up with several learning websites which have a range of games and activities to practice skills learned in class or even develop new skills. They can be accessed at home.

Image result for purple mashPurple Mash has lots of different activities for a variety of different subjects.

Sumdog is a website that has lots of games to practice number skills. We are also entering a competition starting this Friday!


Also, remember to check out Literacy Planet for games and activities to practice your spelling. Who will be top of the leader board this week?

Make sure to log onto TT Rockstars to practice your times tables.