Kangaroo Class

Kangaroo Class

Next week  we are learning about Little Read Riding Hood!  Dates to place in your diary- Fabulous Finish (Stay and Play) Thursday 8th February 2018 last day of term Friday 9th February 2018. 


Monday 8th January 2018

This week we have been learning about ‘The Bear Hunt’. We have made bear mask, created bear pictures with forks, made bear crowns, written about an animal we would like to go on a hunt for, looked in the woods for a bear and used positional language, under, over, next to, on top of  and have used positional language on the equipment/apparatus in P.E.  In maths we have also counted bears, positioned bears and have added up using bears.  What a busy week we have had.


This week we have been learning the Phonemes- Y, W, X and J. We have also been setting challenges for the children to complete.

Here are some of the challenges we set-

Can you build a tower of 10 cubes/ bricks?

Can you make a repeated pattern with three colours/ shapes?

Can you write your whole name?

Make a bear mask?

Identify  numbers to 5, 10 or 20?

Can you make a Numicon number line?



These have been a great success and we look forward to showing you some of these.

Thursday 4th January 2018.

Welcome back and a very Happy New year to you all, from all the Foundation stage team!

Well our first two days  back we started thinking about what we had been doing over the Christmas holidays. We Made repeated patterns from shapes for wrapping paper and wrote about our favourite Christmas presents. We also thought about the fun we had with the Christmas party last term, decorating the tree and the language that came from finding the ice outside, on a cold winter’s day. We thought about where it came from and this is what the children thought – Jack frost sprinkled the ice, it’s the temperature going down that has made the ice, the water has frozen and that is the ice!– what lovely ideas these were and sparked lots of talking between teachers and the children.  Here are some photographs of the first few days back and the last few days of term.



Monday 11th December.

This week we are looking at different festivals. We will start by looking at Diwali- The Festival of light and will make Diva lights to help Rama and Sita have a safe journey home. We will also look at how Spain celebrates Christmas and will have a special visitor who will be bring traditional Spanish biscuits.  This week we have had our very first Christmas dinner. Look at how much fun we had! Also- This week we look forward to showing you our Nativity. Don’t Forget this will be at 10:30 on Friday 15th December. Here are some preview pictures.

DSCF8776[1] DSCF8778[1] DSCF8779[1] DSCF8781[1] DSCF8787[1] DSCF8788[1] DSCF8801[1] DSCF8799[1] DSCF8802[1] DSCF8811[1] DSCF8831[1] DSCF8829[1]


Monday 4th December.

This week our focus will be the Christmas story. We will learn about the traditional story and the true meaning of Christmas.

We will be making and writing Christmas cards, writing letters to father Christmas and writing our Christmas list. We will also be doing lots of counting, adding up presents and learning one one and one less than a given number.

DSCF8710 DSCF8723

Next week we will be learning about Handa’s Surprise. We will be fruit tasting,  creating observational drawings, fruit painting,  writing about our favourite animal and counting the animals and the adding the amount of feet they have.  A fun and exciting week. We can’t wait to show you our learning.DSCF8727



Week beginning Monday 20th November.

This week we have started to look at the story – The Jolly Postman. We will create story maps, look at addresses and the numbers on letters, create our own letters or postcards and talk about using our known phonemes (sounds) to help the postman deliver the letters to the correct houses. We will show you our lovely work very soon!


Tuesday 21st November 2017

The Foundation Team would like to start with a BIG THANK YOU  to all the children for their exceptional behaviour on the school trip. The children did Molehill proud and it was a pleasure to take them!!!

We had amazing fun walking to Loose and making the pizzas of our own choice. The members of staff made our trip a wonderful experience for the children and we will be writing thank you cards this week.  All the children felt the dough, chose their own toppings and had a slice before leaving. We also watched the staff make pizzas. Here are some photographs of our day.


DSCF8503DSCF8529DSCF8521DSCF8531DSCF8535DSCF8543DSCF8525DSCF8526DSCF8514DSCF8527DSCF8522DSCF8523DSCF8528DSCF8524DSCF8506DSCF8517DSCF8510DSCF8509DSCF8508DSCF8507DSCF8505DSCF8504DSCF8554DSCF5484 DSCF5502 DSCF5470DSCF5479DSCF5457DSCF5461DSCF5475


Please can you have your child in school for 8 am tomorrow ( Tuesday 21st November 2017)  as we are promptly leaving to make pizza at Domino’s. This will be a fabulous experience for the children. Look on here for updated pictures. Thank You

The Foundation Team.

Open Mornings

Wednesday 29th November 2017 1:30 -3pm

Thursday 30th November 2017 9:30 11:30 am

Tuesday 5th December 2017 9:30-11:30 am.

Come and tour our school including our Foundation Stage classrooms and magnificent outside play area. Meet the friendly Early Years Foundation Stage team and the children of the school.

Please note there are no parking facilities in the school grounds.





Week beginning 13th November 2017

This week we have been learning about Cinderella. We made wands and added the correct number of beads to the numeral. We also wrote wedding invitations and had a wedding service in St Martins Church. This was so much fun. Kangaroo class thought that we need to make a wedding cake for Cinderella so we made cakes to celebrate.

To end the week we dressed up to raise money for Children in Need.

Here are some pictures of our fantastic learning.


Our phonics homework this week is to look for words beginning with i,n,m and d.

Last week we looked at the letters S.A.T.P.



DSCF8493 DSCF8454 DSCF8455 DSCF8461 DSCF8464 DSCF8469 DSCF8470 DSCF8471 DSCF8486 DSCF8482 DSCF8365 DSCF8481


Week Beginning Monday 6th November 2017

This week has been a tremendous start to the new term. We started the week looking at fireworks and spoke about the colours we saw and the safety aspects. We read a story of how Welephant and his friend Spikey enjoyed a safe bonfire night and firework display. It had many fire safety messages particularly to do with fireworks and the firework code. The children really enjoyed this and it caused us to reflect on our own experiences of fireworks.

We then went on to make fireworks, we created firework dances and made firework pictures.

DSCF8404[1] DSCF8391[1] DSCF8399[1]DSCF8401[1]

We also went on this week to learn about remembrance day. We discussed the significance of the event and painted pictures, made poppies, created medals and even made our own trenches. To finish the week we made a poppy biscuit to take home.

Here are the pictures of our fabulous week of learning!

DSCF8303[1] DSCF8328[1] DSCF8304[1]  DSCF8321[1] DSCF8322[1]

The children became interested in learning about the Stick Man and collected sticks of different sizes. They then went on and decided to make army dens from the sticks.

DSCF8441[1] DSCF8445[1] DSCF8444[1] DSCF8442[1]




What a fantastic end of the term. We thought you would like to see what the children have been Learning and what better way than through photographs. We thank you once again for your continued support.

.DSCF5264 DSCF5280 DSCF5285 DSCF8001 DSCF8028 DSCF8057 DSCF8054 DSCF8066 DSCF8006 DSCF8064 DSCF8053 DSCF8058 DSCF8089 DSCF8088 DSCF8126 DSCF8151


Wow! Thank you for all your support and lovely comments from our stay and play session. The children amaze us everyday with their fantastic learning and we have had such fun this term.

Today (Thursday 19th October) we have been making Harvest soup. Look at our photo’s. This week, Wednesday  we have also had a visit from Tesco’s where we got to try several foods. pickles, crackers, pickled onions, apples and various fruits. We thank Dan and Helen for their lovely workshop teaching the children about food and Harvest time.


DSCF5239 DSCF5230 DSCF5237 DSCF5244 DSCF5249 DSCF5246 DSCF5251



Are you looking for school places for September 2018?

Do you have a child aged 4 on or before 31st August 2018?

If so please Join us on our…….

Open Mornings

Wednesday 29th November 2017 1:30 -3pm

Thursday 30th November 2017 9:30 11:30 am

Tuesday 5th December 2017 9:30-11:30 am.

Come and tour our school including our Foundation Stage classrooms and magnificent outside play area. Meet the friendly Early Years Foundation Stage team and the children of the school.

Please note there are no parking facilities in the school grounds.


Dates for your diary!!

Tuesday 21st November 2017- We are making pizza at Dominoes in Loose. Please note we are leaving school at 8am and walking to the venue.

Christmas performance -Friday 15th December 2017- 10:30 am. Come and see our wonderful Nativity play.

Thursday 14th December – Come and join to see some of our fantastic learning. We hope you can make it. 2:30pm Until 3. 

Wednesday 20th December – Break up for the Christmas holidays- 1:30pm Finish. 

Monday 16th July 2pm Kangaroo Class sports day.

Welcome to Kangaroo Class.

Well what an amazing week we have had. We have settled into our class and our routines and have even had our first school dinner.

We have been learning where all of the resources are within our classroom and have been investigating both of our indoor and outdoor areas.  Here are a few pictures of our first amazing week at Molehill. DSCF4768DSCF4696DSCF4687DSCF4842 DSCF4714DSCF4684DSCF4688Term 1 Newsletter 2017 (4)


Could we please ask that you bring in a spare set of clothes for your child and wellies if you have them. Thank you.

This Friday 15th September we will be sending out the school reading books. We would like you to share this book with your child/ren and write in the reading contact book when the book is read.

Many thanks for all your support this week in settling the children into the class and school routine. Don’t forget we are full time next week and we will be finishing at 3:10.

We look forward to working with you all.

The foundation team!


25th September 2017.

This week we have been looking at friendship. We have read the story, The Rainbow Fish and discussed who our friends are and why they are our friends. We have also been naming parts of the human body by singing the song, head, shoulders knees and toes.  Children have been loving our new role play – the baby clinic.  The children have been making sure the babies are fed well and looked after carefully. Well done Kangaroo Class!!

Here is the news letter sent out last week. Newsletter


Friday 13th October 2017.

This week we have been learning about people who help us. we have dressed up as fire fighters, doctors, nurses and even dentists. We have had great fun doing this and have learnt many things about the different uniforms and the roles they play in everyday life. Here are a few pictures of our fun week.


Next week we will be looking at Harvest and we will have a very special visitor who will be making pumpkin soup with us. We will be trying different foods and will be learning where these foods come from. Don’t forget that next week we would love to see you at our fabulous finish. Thursday 19th at 2:30 pm. We would love to share what we have been learning with you, and show you our classroom.

We would also like to share some photographs with you to show our fantastic learning.