Kestrel Class

Kestrel Class

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MyON parent letter

20200511 Week 4 update. Links for online learning.

Imperial War Museum link to VE Day resources

As a special celebration writing activity, you might like to use some of these resources to research what VE Day was and why it is important for us to continue to remember such events. What do you think as a young global citizen today?


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T 5 Wk 2 Ch 13 q185-192 p105-107

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Kestrel Term 3 Newsletter


Making our own fairy lights for the class Christmas tree.

Our completely recyclable eco-tree with lights using our learning about circuits.

The factors and multiples game on nrich really helped us be confident with these terms.

Flute continues in Term 3, we have also learned how to draw a stave and write musical notes into it.

On No Pens Wednesday we did some problem solving activities for maths.

We also used our speaking and listening skills to create origami model animals, it was quite difficult but we persevered.

We tried to imagine what it was like for soldiers during WW1 when they had to charge across No-Man’s Land into enemy trenches, luckily, the enemy were only throwing bean-bags!

Kestrel Class Term 2 Newsletter

Bridge building (and demolishing!) at Rochester Cathedral. We learnt about the history and construction of Rochester Bridge.

We were able to admire the gran architecture of this magnificent Cathedral. The structure of arches makes the building very strong.

As we arrived in Rochester early we were able to explore the Rochester Castle and its amazing history.

Floor tiles in the main aisle of the Cathedral allowed us to learn about tessellation.

Can you spot the 150 year old mistake? We did!

Our next workshop was about sound. We learnt how to create different notes with bottles and water, then we had to create a tune with our teams.