Kestrel Class

Kestrel Class

Summer Term – Term 6

Welcome back to the final term of Year 5! Our topic this term is ‘Survivors’.

Kestrel class began the week with an exciting search for missing items on the school field, imaging they were ship wrecked on an island; they then mapped their surroundings and labelled their key findings. This linked nicely with our first class text this term, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, which is about a boy (aged 12) who gets ship wrecked on a desert island…

We will look at many more texts about fictional and non-fictional characters, who have shown survival skills! Kestrel’s newsletter is attached below, which has more detail about what we will be covering this term.

Kestrel newsletter term 6



Summer Term – Term 5

What a great start to the Term Kestrel’s have made this week (and not only because of the weather!). This term our Topic will be a science based topic: The Circle of Life! We will be looking at the life cycles of different animals and the differences between them, such as ‘what makes a mammal different to an amphibian?’ Kestrels began the week with their own mini-beast hunt to kick start this exciting topic. Below is the Termly newsletter with more information about what the class will be doing this term.


We have also been making the most of the early summer weather….

IMG_2640 IMG_2642 IMG_2643

Spring Term ! – WWII

As the weather (hopefully!) begins to warm up, Kestrel class will be looking at the fascinating topic of WWII. We are really looking forward to our trip on March 1st (Year 5) and March 2nd (Year 6) to the Imperial War Museum. Here is the Termly Newsletter to see what the class will be looking at over the next few weeks:

 Kestrel newsletter term 4

Homework grids will be given out on Monday 26th February, for children to choose and complete one Topic based activity each week, alongside their Maths and English work. All homework is due in on Friday each week.

MGGS Science Workshop

On Monday (29th January), Kestrel class were visited by Mr Cook  from MGGS, who showed the class some fantastic and fascinating science! We enjoyed watching, and taking part in, many exciting experiments around the topics of ‘Sound’ and ‘Light’.


Welcome back! Term 3:

I hope you all had a lovely festive period! Kestrel class are getting back into the swing of things as we begin to explore our exciting new topic: ‘THE WINTER OLYMPICS’. With the Olympic Games only a few weeks away, the class will be exploring the host nation (South Korea), the events that take place and the Games history. Kestrel class will need their engineering hats on too, to design and make their very own Winter Olympic bobsleigh!


For a further overview and other information, the termly newsletter is attached below.

 Kestrel newsletter term 3



Term 2!

What a fantastic start to the term by Kestrel Class!  We have started our learning about the Vikings, such as where they originated from and where they invaded, as well as looking at our class text ‘Viking Boy’. An overview of what we will cover this term is included on the newsletter which is attached below.

Kestrel newsletter term 2


End of term already!

Wow! What an amazing term. We hit the ground running and worked our socks off – I am definitely ready for a well-earned break. Well done to all of Kestrel class for facing challenges head-on, for persevering and getting the job done. Nothing like a chocolate-cake-moment to see you through.

Thank you to all of the parents, uncles, brothers and sisters, grandparents and other family members who have supported with homework, baking and for coming in to see us for our Fabulous Finish. It’s so good to have your support and we’ll continue to make progress with your help.

Our theme next term is VIKINGS and to get us ready we have been making a note of what we already know and what we would like to know. We’ve written down our ideas in shapes, as you can see from Jade’s work below (click on the link).

Start collecting information, ideas and any artefacts you may have lying around (Viking axe, anyone?) to share with the class. It’s going to be a Viking-tastic term.


Art Exhibition


02.10.17 Look at our amazing life-size giant sunflowers, made using recycled materials (such as coffee pods, crisp packets and scrap paper). These, along with other pieces of art created by pupils across the school, will be exhibited at St Martin’s church on Northumberland Avenue for the next few weeks. We’re planning to walk down and see the exhibition for ourselves but if you get the chance, do pop in.
21.09.17 We’ve been learning how the Earth’s rotation causes day and night. Ronnie and Arthur have nailed it with these diagrams – well done!



15.09.17 Did you see the beautiful waning crescent Moon that loomed over us on the playground this morning? What a perfect way to end the week as we have been learning about the phases of the Moon.

Welcome to the new Kestrel Class of 2017.

We’ve had 3 days to get to know each other and I am very excited. We have a good year ahead of us. We have looked at our school values, Motivation, Aspiration and Participation this week and our new bunting should be ready to go up next week.

We have also gone over our class Values, Expectations, Responsibilities and Rights. It’s good to see that you, the pupils in Kestrel class, have told me that you expect to have challenging work and to learn from your mistakes. We shall certainly have plenty of both this year!

Here is a copy of the class values (the school values can be found on the website)

Class Values

Here is your termly homework sheet with space-themed activities to complete. There are 9 on the page but remember I only want 5 to be completed. I have also posted your spellings for this week. All homework, Maths, English and 1 piece of topic work, should be handed in each Friday, starting from this Friday, 15th September.

Term 1 Homework

Spellings Week 1and2

And finally, here’s our newsletter for Term 1.

Kestrel Newsletter Term 1 2017

Summer is here!


Welcome back to Term 6. Summer has arrived and it’s going to be hot! Please remember your

  • water bottle
  • sun screen and sun hat
  • PE kit

We’ll usually do PE on a Friday afternoon but I’m planning lots of extra sports this term. Without your PE kit, you won’t be able to join in – bring it in and keep it at school.


Start collecting

When you shared your ideas and questions about WW2 last term, you told me that you’d like to make some models. This term, you are going to make your own Anderson shelters- you’ll need to bring in materials from home to help. Start collecting cardboard boxes, plastic (tubs, bottles etc) and anything you think could be used. (You can also make a separate model as one of your homework tasks – see below)

Term 6 Homework

Choose 6 activities from the grid (there are 9 to choose from) – you must choose 1 from each column, but the rest are up to you. Some of the activities require a worksheet or two – you can download them from here or ask for a copy.  If you need help, or resources, please ask in plenty of time, as I will expect 1 piece to be handed in every Friday.  If you choose Activity 1, bring the model in for the last week of term when we will test each one and see whose flies the furthest.


task-4-refugee-blues     task-5-the-evacuee     task-7-decipher-the-code

task-8a-info-sheet-one-weeks-ration-for-an-adult            task-8b-rationing-questions

task-9a-confidential-mission      task-9b-little-ships-info



Word of the Week

Notorious means well known or famous for a bad quality or deed. 


Ronaldo is notorious for his on-pitch temper tantrums.       

Its bulging orange eyes, dark-as-night scales and dagger-like teeth make the Welsh Winged-Warrior one of the most notorious dragons around.


Kestrel class report on the gruesome details of the death of Medusa! Here are some of our excellent newspaper reports:                                                                           img_1707img_1708-1

fullsizerender-3img_1720fullsizerenderfullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-2 img_1706img_1710 img_1711 img_1712img_1716 img_1717img_1721 img_1723 img_1724 img_1725 img_1727

Homework: 7.10.16 (due in Tuesday 11.10.16)






We have become poets this week. Look at our poems, inspired by Walter de la Mare’s ‘Silver‘ . Mrs Evans is terribly proud!




Homework 23.9.16

Here is this week’s Maths and English homework which is due in on Tuesday 27.9.16.





If you’d like an extra challenge this week, have a go at learning this poem, ‘Listeners‘ by Walter de la Mare.

3 learning points to anyone who is able to recite it, word-for-word.           listeners-by-walter-de-la-mare



Welcome to the start of the new school year. Your latest newsletter is here. Keep checking your  Kestrel class page for homework and spellings, news, celebration of work and information.

Kestrel Newsletter Term 1


Homework 16.9.16

Here is this week’s Maths and English homework which is due in on Tuesday 20.9.16. If you are unsure what to do, come and ask me before Tuesday. Spellings will be test on Friday 23.9.16



Maths Homework 16.9.16

Would you like an extra challenge this week? Here is your optional homework challenge.


Minnow on the Say Chapter 1