Lion Class

Lion Class

Welcome from Lion Class!

Welcome back from Lion Class! It’s hard to believe that we are already in Summer Term!

This term our topic is:

Image result for in the garden banner

We have done lots of exciting this so far this term!

We have created our own knowledge flower. Each term we do a Knowledge Harvest to look at what we already know (the leaves) and what we would like to find out. We knew lots of different things about plants and animals, and had so many things that we would like to learn about!

Some of the questions we asked Miss Jones are:
How long do flowers grow? How do you protect flowers? What creatures live in a garden? How do bees get pollen? Are there ponds in a garden?

Miss Jones has promised us we will try and find out the answer to as many of our questions as we can.



We have made lots of different things to decorate our classroom like a garden,

On Monday 11th June a man named Joe from Zoolab came in and showed us lots of different animals.

Mrs Winch had no fear, but Miss Jones was far too squeamish to touch them!

We learnt loads about the different mini-beasts.

Everyone got involved!

We’ve grown lots of plants so far, including our own grass pots. We will measure how long these have grown each week and give them a haircut!

We have also been looking at bees and why they are important. We did an experiment into how bees get pollen from a plant! We ate some Wotsits and then flew to another flower. Then, Miss Jones’ hand turned into a bee and landed in some pollen and flew onto lots of our flowers!

  Some of us didn’t want the bee to land on our flower!


We ate Wotsits to make our hands all cheesy.            We became bees and practiced our buzzing!

     A bee even landed on Mr Etheridge’s nose!!

We have lots more exciting things happening this term. We cannot wait to share them with you during our fabulous finish! This term we will be having an Ugly Bug Ball, and performing the song for you.

Key Dates:
International Week: 18 – 22nd June
KS1 Sports day: 11th July
Parents Day: 18th July
Fabulous Finish: 12th July
Class transition day: tbc
Pupils last day: 20th July

Here are some more highlights from this year so far:

Here is a wonderful picture drawn by Tosan Okomi of a dragon!


Here is a castle drawn by Todor Benov!

On our first day back we found a surprise!

DSCF2595 DSCF2596  DSCF2599 DSCF2600


We scooped up the egg and put it into a basket so we can look after it inside.

We did Knight training in science, looking at what we need to keep our bodies healthy. DSCF2592 DSCF2591

We created a Lion out of Paper Maché

DSCF2546 DSCF2547 DSCF2548

Designed our own fish tanks for Superman when he gets bigger and gets some more friends!

DSCF2549 DSCF2550 DSCF2551 DSCF2552 

We got a new class pet!


They are two Black Moor fish. We voted for the best names and decided on Superman and Nemo! Unfortunately after the snow we lost Nemo, but Superman is alive and well! We will miss him when he goes home with Miss Jones.

We saw some Ducklings hatch:

    They were very cute but very noisy!

 42f981f2-8618-4910-a138-6d8ff5df6b36 913e0947-3bbe-4273-b432-6c239ae72816

… and got very big!


because of the snow we only had a week with the ducklings. Luckily we are getting some more eggs next term!

We learnt about 3D shapes, went on a shape walk, and even made our bodies into 3D shapes:

DSCF2462 DSCF2474

Holly from Starfish Malawi came to visit us and told us about the animals that they have in Malawi We had a go at being animals ourselves! Here we are as snakes:

DSCF2478 DSCF2479

Mrs Lange taught us some signs for different animals:


We also went to the farm at New Line Learning Academy and saw some animals up close!

DSCF2498 DSCF2500 DSCF2503 DSCF2505 DSCF2506 DSCF2508

Finally we re-enacted scenes from QUIET! by Paul Bright. We re-enacted it so well that Mr Etheridge came to see what was happening.

DSCF2520 DSCF2526

We did some awesome superhero science – here is us looking at how long it takes to free a superhero from an ice burg:

DSCF2385 DSCF2384

We also had a Superhero dress up day! Even Miss Jones and Mrs Winch joined in:

DSCF2449 DSCF2450DSCF2451

Miss Jones as Captain Underpants                 Superhero Lions!                                     Mrs Winch as Super LSA

At the end of Term 2 we recreated The Great Fire of London:


P1040300[1] P1040299[1]

It was a little scary for the teachers but very exciting for us!

Key class information

Class teacher– Miss Jones
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs Winch
Homework – Out on Monday, returned on Friday.
Spellings – Out on Monday tested on Friday.
PE – Tuesday morning.

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