Molehill Arts Council

Molehill Arts Council

Welcome to the Molehill Arts Council page. Here you will find information about what our fabulous new Arts Council have been up to, as well as news on any up and coming arts events at Molehill! Watch this space as we have lots planned for the rest of this academic year.

Arts Council members:

Eagle Class – Rebekah Tapley                                           Kestrel Class – Anastasia Minina    



Falcon Class – Daisy Duffus                                                       Fox Class – Oscar Sinclair



      Badger Class – Kristelle Onweluzo                                          Hedgehog Class              



    Tiger Class – Imogen Grant                                               Leopard Class Tosan Okomi



        Lion Class – Lexi Read 


Term 2 meeting notes: Arts Council December meeting

Term 3 meeting notes: Arts Council January meeting