Child Absence/Holiday Forms

Child Absence/Holiday Forms


If your child is ill or unable to attend, you are asked to telephone (01622 751729) or text (01622320073) the academy that day. When your child returns written confirmation of the reason and length of absence is required.

The academy will then record an authorised absence. Only the academy can approve the reason for absence, not a parent.

No parent can demand time off for their child to go on a holiday. A Holiday Form should be filled in and sent back to the academy for Governor approval. Holidays should not be taken during SATs Testing time for children in Years 2 and 6.

If parents need to collect their child/children from the academy during the normal working day, e.g. for medical or dental appointments, it is preferred that the academy can be informed in advance in writing. Alternatively a form can be collected from the academy reception and stamped with proof of the appointment by the doctor/dentist. When they arrive they must call at the academy reception. It is most important that we are aware of all visitors who enter the premises as the safety of the children is our first concern, hence the presence of CCTVs.