House Celebrations – Congratulations to Bodium

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WELL DONE TO BODIUM HOUSE! The yellow team won the overall points for the year and celebrated in style.

The children had a day crammed full of activities including boxing, gymnastics, football, obstacle courses, reading and chill out sessions as well as having the chance to come into school in their own clothes and have a special picnic and a GIANT cake! All of which were organised by the house captains – Ellie McGowan, Matthew Parkhouse, Anisah Chakour and Cameron Donalon, I think we can all agree they pushed out all the stops and made the day a memorable success.

The boxing sessions went down so well we have now managed to secure an after-school club with Olympia and have many children attending. This is great news as boxing promotes fantastic health and fitness benefits as well as encouraging discipline, motivation and a strong work ethic; all of which are pivotal to our curriculum here at Molehill Primary Academy.

Bodium house have worked tremendously hard throughout the year. House points have been rewarded to the children showing behaviour that is above and beyond our expectations, children with outstanding team spirit and those that have entered into competitions or have shown great attendance at school and clubs have been rewarded. It was a tight race in which Bodium managed to ‘pip’ the rest at the post.

The celebrations were fantastic and all of the children and staff involved had a superb day. Next year there will be tough competition form the other houses as they certainly do not want to miss out!