On the morning of Monday the 26th of February 2017, several pupils took part in a gymnastics competition at Pegasus Gymnastics Centre. The selection process was long and arduous as competitors had to demonstrate their fitness and flexibility levels through Mrs Nicholls’ , who herself , is a talented gymnast, P.E lessons. 

The children were transported to their destination by staff members -including the principal Mrs Brierley, in person. Once all schools had arrived , Dave introduced the event by a warm-up session before the main routines leading to the vault finale.

The day was split into sectioned stages depending on student abilities with allocation of team colours which allowed them to perform with children across key stages. Many felt anxious prior to the day which lead to tears and jitters as initially, it was believed that individuals would perform with all eyes on them in a solo task . However,once their first performance was completed , this progressed to greater confidence and worries transformed into exhilaration. 

The day ended as a huge success and Molehill Primary Academy celebrated their achievements and determination by having a group hug and a loud cheer. 

Well done to the children who were involved in this very special day and a massive thank you to the staff who made it possible.

Written by Grace Hampton, Year 6