On Wednesday 13th September, the Astronomy Roadshow based in Sittingbourne visited Molehill Primary Academy. The Roadshow is run by a man named Peter Bassett who was very knowledgeable and able to answer all the tricky questions that the Year 5 and 6 students were able to throw at him. As well as learning about the stars and planets in the 8 metre high inflatable planetarium, students were also taught about gravity in space, lunar missions, satellites and celestial objects that have reached Earth such as meteorites.
As some Year 6 students described, the experience was hugely positive:
Summer, Year 6, “I enjoyed looking at the stars and learning about the planets.”
Harry, Year 6, “Inside the planetarium it felt like we were actually in space because the stars were spinning all around us.”
Abi, Year 6, “Peter knew loads about Space. i loved playing with the tins of beans that were different weights to show how heavy they would be on different planets.”
The event was a huge success and the children loved the learning involved. In the coming weeks, the children will continue to build on what they have learnt so far. Hopefully they’ll continue to greatly enjoy the topic.