We arrived at New Line Learning on Tuesday 17th October at lunchtime, hopeful of an eventful afternoon full of goals and fun! The atmosphere was electric and you could feel the tension in the air as nerves jittered and butterflies flew. We played five games of 10 minutes one way against 14 other schools.

We began a warm up led by Honey with drills and a challenge called number run. Honey led the way drawing from her own experiences outside of school and shared her knowledge with us. Management and leadership skills shone as she motivated and supported her team. Even with a stitch through most of the final two games she preserved to as the will to win was much stronger than the pain she felt.

Our defence was strong with Hope, Chloe and Alanys challenging anyone who dared come towards our goal. Chloe’s long legs came in handy as she sprinted back and forth to take the ball from our opponents making sure that she was on top of her game, helping us to be a strong team.

Alanys played many games giving her new boots the run out they deserved. Even though she accidentally tripped a girl up she demonstrated great sportsmanship and offered to help her up. The rest of the team also showed their concern, making the crowd feel emotional at the kindness of the team.

A force to be reckoned with, Hope took on anyone who got in her way making sure that her position was covered at all times protecting our goal. Whilst on the side lines, her support and instructions were listened to by the team to give us a great advantage.

Jessie nutmeged her challenger, ran up the wing and passed a powerful kick to Honey who scored a screamer of a goal. She may be small but she’s solar powered, energised to motivate the team and is determined to get the ball.

Gracie tackled lots of players and managed to get the ball with lots of opportunities to score and used them wisely making sure that the ball was passed to score a winning goal. She has made super progress whilst practising and took on board everything that she had learnt, demonstrating her ability to perform at the highest level.

Rocket Aleisha managed to swerve through many of our challengers that were twice her size, nipping in and out of them to get the ball past. Some of our opponents were very aggressive and our performance as a team showed that we didn’t need to play dirty to take possession of the ball.

Jade was injured, but not for long – she was up as quick as she went down and managed to take on three players at once. She did really well to pass the ball giving us opportunities to score.

Sarah has made the biggest progress since we started practising and has proved that she has the determination to succeed at anything she puts her mind to. She bounced around the pitch taking over from anyone who had the ball and tackled like we have never seen before. She seemed to be in everyone’s way making it really difficult for the other team.

Makenzie saved a multitude of goals from our opposition proving that she has the reactions of a Formula 1 race driver! She never shied away from her responsibilities as a goal keeper. Her Dad came to support us and gave, not only Makenzie some great advice, but gave all of our team the best support we could have.

At the end of the tournament we were all very tired but still found the energy for a photo shoot and some piggy back races! Next year we will make sure that we defend our position in the tournament and make sure that we use our experiences from this year to help us improve. Year 4 – are you ready for the challenge next year?

Written by Honey, Sarah, Jessie, Alanys, Makenzie, Hope, Chloe, Jade, Aleisha, and Gracie.

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Kent school games girls football tournament 17-18