On Tuesday 10th October we partook in the Kent School Games Football Tournament against 22 other schools from across the county. We played in 10 matches over two and a half hours.

We performed brilliantly against our opponents with some spectacular saves made by Lewis who only came off the pitch once during the whole tournament as a result of a ball to the chest! He saved a multitude of rebounds throughout the afternoon.

Rhiley’s assist to Arthur led to an amazing opportunity for the strike of the game. Arthur also developed his management skills as he organised our positions.

Callum’s creative use of his head led to repeated deflected corners to defend our goal, even if he did complain continually (in the ear of anyone who would listen) about how his head felt like it was bleeding!

Bill’s fancy footwork slipped around anyone who challenged him proving that he really does have ‘teckers’! (Which, as we all know, means technique!) He managed to nutmeg two people at the same time, impressing both the crowd and our challengers (we weren’t as impressed, as we know what he’s capable of).

Harvey managed to defend our goal and take the ball from the opposition time and time again. He was helped by Liam with his almighty scorpion kick to swerve the ball away from our goal.

Rhiley demonstrated great sportsmanship as he often shook our opponents hand and offered to help them off the floor, making many conscientious decisions.

Ronnie set Rhiley up for a great touch which led to a near miss causing the crowd to groan as we narrowly missed out. The crowd were also very impressed by Ronnie’s commentary and support for his team whilst on the side lines!

Sam created great opportunities for the team and helped our strikers to have a chance to score, but we just couldn’t find the back of the net. Sam accomplished many challenges and demonstrated that he has the ability to play in may positions.

Isaac got us out of danger with a powerful flying karate kick which set us up on more than one occasion. Isaac also showed fantastic perseverance as he played in a position he wasn’t as comfortable with and he continued to play even after an injury.

We came fifth in our group with only six points stopping us from getting a place in the semi’s. We really loved the tournament and can’t wait for our new kit to arrive in time for us to play against Oaks next term!

Written by Bill, Isaac, Arthur, Liam, Ronnie, Samuel, Callum, Lewis, Harvey and Rhiley.

View the images from the event below:

Kent School Games boys football tournament