Our children were lucky enough to have been invited back, for the second time this year, to Maidstone United’s home grounds at the Gallagher Stadium for a Mini World Cup Event.

Despite losing one of our players to a burst appendix, the team performed stronger than we have ever seen them before. The dedication to their training and team bonding really proved that their hard work had made a big impact on their game. The boys and girls played under the name of Brazil (a team they were very pleased to have drawn) and competed in their group against some tough competition from the other 20 schools involved.

Our defensive players were exceptional and our mighty Molehill team should be proud of how they fought some tough battles against players from professional clubs. The interceptions and attacks were something to be witnessed, the foot work and skills that our attackers demonstrated would rival those of Neymar and the goal keeping was up to our usual high standard! The crowd continuously commented on how good our players were and we are extremely proud of them.

For some of our team it was their last ever game for Molehill Primary Academy and we would like to wish them luck for the future and thank them for all the hard work they have put in to their training and competitions over the past few years. We are sure you will continue to do great things at secondary school and the current year 5 children are ready and waiting to follow in your foot steps.

Well done team!