In the third week of term 6 at Molehill Primary Academy, we held an International Week. Each class teacher chose a different country from around the world and designed an afternoon’s worth of activities based around that country. The children have been on a journey from New Zealand to Brazil and from India to the United States of America.

In EYFS and Key Stage 1 children have created Australian landmarks, made rainforest animal hats and re-created a volcanic eruption! Lower Key Stage two children have learned how to salsa dance, taken part in tribal African drumming and created rangoli patterns, whereas Upper Key Stage two children have taken part in raft building, learned the haka and sculpted their own peacocks as well as a range of other activities. Once the children visited a country, they took their Molehill International passport, drew or stuck in a picture of their activity and wrote a short piece of writing about what they had found out.

To recognise our link with Chigombe school in Malawi, each class has created Malawian style silhouette artwork and the lesson plan and photos of the work have been sent to our Malawian counterparts.

The children and adults have thoroughly enjoyed the week and have covered a wide range of curriculum skills whilst having a lot of fun travelling around the world!