What a start to the year! We have all been working exceptionally hard to develop our fundamental skills this term to set us up for the rest of the year.

Upper KS2 have been having coaching from Kent County Cricket Club coach, Adrian Crust and have been proving that they have what it takes to bat and field under professional coaching – we aim to set up some ‘friendly’ (read competitive) matches against Oaks Academy who have also been lucky enough to secure such prestigious tuition.

As it is the start of the year, all of the children in KS2 have taken part in fitness tests to assess their flexibility, strength, stamina and cardio-vascular endurance. Each child demonstrated great determination to achieve a true reflection of their ability by pushing themselves to perform to their limits; Samuel in Kestrel class is currently leading with a very respectable score of 12.0 on the bleep test. He is followed a number of other challengers from across years 5 and 6 who are nipping at his heels to take the lead position.  Every child motivated and supported their class mates during these assessments with Makenzie (Falcon Class) stating “the atmosphere is electric in here” as each child cheered on their fellow team members.

KS1 have been building up their core skills in PE whilst learning to play a number of invasion games. We have been focusing on Rugby this term and already have some very talented players who will set pitches alight when their time to shine comes in KS2 rugby competitions.

Watch this space for the results of the Maidstone and Mid-Kent Cross Country Series which we will attend on Wednesday 26th September and we also have our first Football fixture of the year on Tuesday 2nd October….come on Mighty Molehill!