We started the day slightly apprehensive as we knew we would be up against some strong teams with children in year 6 and we are a team made up with a majority from year 4. Excitedly, we walked to Greenfields in the rain – we didn’t care that we were going to get wet, we were going to have fun no matter what!

The day was set to be full of fun with 20 schools there to show what they were made of – luckily we were not put off by the size of some of them and was determined to do our best. We played 5 games in our group and had drawn really tough opponents. 

As we realised the challenge ahead of us, we lost our first game 5-0 against East Farleigh but it took us some time to find our feet and get used to a large, muddy pitch in the rain. We made some great passes and Theo’s long legs came in really useful as he kept up with rapid pace. Despite the mud Jayden managed to stay up during some fierce tackles.

Our second game saw us make exceptional progress where we managed to hold off Greenfields Black and only conceded two unlucky goals. Kian was a superb goalkeeper and saved a multitude of shots. This team went on to win the tournament so we were proud that we played so well against the

Kemsley were our next challengers, our performance was focused and we played to the best of our abilities – Danny proved he has what it takes to defend like a professional and made Kian’s job a lot easier even though he did end up winded from a powerful shot. We worked as a team to pass the ball up the pitch and we spent a lot more time in their half, we were unfortunate to not win this game.

In our game against West Borough we relied heavily on Joeboys strength as he tackled two year 6’s who play for Crystal Palace. The determination and resilience demonstrated in this match was applauded by the crowd and Jack’s ability to nip in and take a ball or appear out of nowhere helped us to hold off the opposition for even longer.

Lewis had the chance to show off his fancy foot work and won the ball back on many occasions but unfortunately we conceded a goal that was described as ‘a total screamer’ and was commented on to be the best goal scored in the tournament.

Finally, we were ready to face Sandling in our last match of the day. Bobby-Lee set Joeboy up with the ball on many occasions where our shots were saved or narrowly missed. Bailey helped our defence and managed to be in all places at once! We had a great time but it just wasn’t our day for a win.

As a result of the day one of our team was scouted by Crystal Palace to go for trials with them as he worked so hard to protect our goal, however as Kian quite rightly put it – he could not have done his job without the rest of us defending and attacking in the way that we did. Molehill proved that we are a force to be reckoned with. We gave the opposing teams a sneak preview as to what they have to face in the coming years as we are now a more experienced team for having the opportunity to play against children older than us.  

Written by the football team.