The day began with the sun shining (we were relieved as the boys had played all day in the rain) we arrived at school, eager and ready to play. Getting into our kit for the first time was exciting but our nerves began to grow as the minutes passed. We knew we were going to face a tough challenge against some year 6’s but that didn’t faze us – we were going to have fun and enjoy the day.

We played in a tournament against 15 other schools and played 5 matches. We were bursting with enthusiasm and knew that we were ready to face a challenge. Makenzie was our captain and proved that she could lead a team by giving instructions to help us move up the pitch.

Our first game against Greenfields Grey saw Dolly in goal for the first time, despite her size, her quick reactions made it easy for her to save the ball. We loved the chance to tackle and quickly found our feet in our team making sure that we played to our strengths and defended our goal.

As the day went on we grew in confidence and worked together to pass the ball between us, making sure that we moved quickly to stop the opposition from gaining the ball. Lilly demonstrated that she could tackle even though she was half the size of most of the girls we played against, she went to the ball and made sure she gained possession.

Midway through the day we had to play two games back to back – 30 minutes of solid play! We started strong and held the opposition off, Lyla-Jo and Nadia were a sturdy unit defending our goal and we managed to draw the first game, 0-0.

Our legs were tired, the short sharp burst of speed that were required caused some of us to look very pink in the face but with a few quick substitutions we were able to keep going (not that we wanted to get off the pitch). Amy and Daisy worked together to help move the ball up the pitch into Madginford’s half. We had a few attempts but were not lucky enough to see the ball hit the back of the net this time.

When we played East Borough we felt ready to show them exactly what we were capable of. The experiences that we had had in the previous games meant that we could go into this game with confidence. We held them off for the majority of the game but unfortunately conceded two goals in the final two minutes. Lacey and Shelbie responded to instructions and made sure that they performed to the best of their ability against a side that went on to win the tournament.

Our final game was a friendly match against Oaks Academy where we all had the chance to play thanks to the local shop keeper who was our referee (big thanks to him). We were quite evenly matched, when we had possession of the ball we were able to get pass them without too much difficulty. By this point in the day we were tired but we didn’t let that affect our performance or our attitude and we were determined to score but the final whistle was called and we narrowly missed out on a goal.

At the end of the tournament we all decided that we would love the opportunity to play more often as a girls only team so we are hoping to have a girls training night on a Thursday that will run alongside EMC Football for one term. If you would like to join and you’re in Key Stage 2 then make sure you sign up next term. We all had a fantastic time and want to play more often.  Our next match will be coming up in January- if you would like to help us to defeat Greenfields and Oaks then what are you waiting for?

Written by the football team.

This terms girls football training has gone from strength to strength with many more girls taking up the sport! Keep it up girls.