On Tuesday 12th February, children from Falcon class joined the other market traders at Lockmeadow Market in Maidstone for a day of selling products.

As part of the IB PYP transdisciplinary theme of ‘How we organise ourselves’, Falcon class have been learning about markets, profit and loss and what makes a successful product. The children in the class decided that they wanted to run their very own market stall at a real market, so that’s just what we did!

The children started by writing letters to Jeffrey Robinson at Maidstone Market to ask for a stall and were delighted when they received a reply saying that they would be allowed one, providing they could cover the cost of the pitch.

A letter to Mr Robinson

After this, the children wrote persuasive emails in their groups to Mrs Brierley, asking for a loan in order to buy materials to make their products. Knowing that they would be running their stall on the 12th February, every group chose to create Valentine’s Day products as, through discussion with Rachel, a market trader, they found out that big events help to sell more products!

An email to Mrs Brierley

Having priced-up, ordered the materials and put their products together, it was now time to work out the ‘break-even point’ and decide how much to charge the customers for their products. After this, the children created persuasive posters and price tags to advertise their fantastic products on the market stall.

Some of the products and advertising posters

Finally the 12th of February arrived and the children put their communication, persuasion and mathematics skills to the test by selling their products at to the general public, family and friends at Lockmeadow.

One of the super-groups selling at the market
More fabulous market-stall holders
Stupendous sellers at the market
Out-of-this-world owners

Throughout the day we were Tweeting our progress so people would come down to the market and buy even more of our perfect products.

This project, which has required children to use the IB learner profile skills of: risk-takers, communicators, thinkers and principled, has shown the children the value of hard-work and has enabled them to pay off the loan that Mrs Brierley provided and make a profit which will be used to reduce the cost of an upcoming trip to Howletts Zoo.

Now it is time for us to write thank you letters to Maidstone Market for letting us have our very own stall and to help us complete our learning journey, led by the children, based on ‘How we organise ourselves’.