About Us

The Academy was opened in 1954 to serve the southern part of the Shepway Estate and the roads leading to it. It caters for boys and girls from the age of three to eleven years. It stands on beautiful grounds that we have developed especially to aid curriculum studies.

At Molehill Primary Academy we have created a culture that enables both pupils and staff to thrive and achieve their very best

Relationships between staff at all levels and the children are highly positive and this creates a warm and vibrant atmosphere in lessons and during social times. With the support and guidance of leaders, teachers provide well-organised, calm and purposeful classrooms in which children can enjoy their learning challenges. High expectations permeate the school with regards to both learning and behaviour. Pupils and teachers across the Academy take pride in the school and their individual areas of responsibility.  

The positive and caring ethos at Molehill is combined with a clear, relentless focus and an ambition that all pupils can and will achieve well, regardless of their different starting points.

There is a strong sense of community at Molehill which grows each year.  We work with a range of community groups with the aim to both gain and offer support.  Pupils have an ever-growing sense of being part of a range of communities and the roles they play in these. We work closely with the local police and church leaders to ensure that pupils build positive relationships with other professionals. Equally, Governance is a strength of the academy both at local and Trust level. 

By learning together we:

  • Foster a lifelong love of learning.
  • Provide a range of intellectual, physical and creative activities.
  • Nurture spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.
  • Develop lively, enquiring minds.
  • Promote respect, responsibility and self discipline.
  • Build self-esteem and a sense of community.