COVID-19 Catch-Up Premium Strategy 2020/21

The Government have announced additional funding to ‘catch-up’ any students detrimentally affected by Academy closures and the impact of COVID-19. The focus will be on catching up on lost teaching, ensuring students are at least in line with curriculum expectations and that they make progress in line with Academy targets. We have reviewed the Education Endowment Foundation – COVID-19 Support Guide for Schools to allocate the catch-up premium effectively. The proposed COVID catch-up budget has been analysed and signed off by the Academy’s Governing body. The impact will be monitored and reviewed throughout the year by the Governing Body and Academies Director.

Total COVID-19 Catch-Up Premium allocated: £22,164

Identified PriorityIdentified Cohort (if appropriate)LeadStrategic InterventionIntended OutcomeRAG Rating
April 2021
RAG Rating
July 2021
Enhanced delivery of Blended LearningYear 6 initially

Year 5, 4 and 3 later this year
Chromebook Scheme

Chromebooks provided for pupils in Year 6, 5, 4 and 3

These are to be kept in the Academy
Embedding the Blended Learning Strategy across the Academy.
The benefits of blended learning are numerous and include the following:
Pupils enjoy convenience and flexibility, with the ability to control their learning pace and learn remotely;
Academic research suggests that blended learning gives learners a more comprehensive understanding of curriculum content;
The approach allows pupils to interact with teachers and fellow pupils when away from the academy, thereby supporting social learning.
Exceptional delivery, through the PYP framework, of the Recovery CurriculumAll pupilsALLTeaching and whole-school strategiesSupporting highly effective teaching - teaching is the most important tool schools have to improve outcomes for their pupils.
Pupil assessment and feedback - Assessment can help teachers determine how to most effectively support their pupils. Every pupil will have been affected differently by Covid-19.
Targeted SupportTargeted PupilsLSM1:1 TutoringOne to one and small group tuition - There is extensive evidence supporting the impact of high quality one to one and small group tuition as an effective catch-up strategy
Intervention programmes - In order to support pupils who have fallen behind furthest, structured interventions, which may also be delivered one to one or in small groups, are likely to be necessary.
ResourcesAll pupilsALLAdditional bespoke resources to support accelerated progress and higher attainmentEnsure students have a wide range of highly appropriate materials in order for them to access the entire curriculum, catch up and meet Academy targets.