About Us
Vision and Values

Vision and Values


We are self-motivated and resilient.
We are valuable members of a school and wider community.
We will be the best that we can be!

  1. Don’t Give Up – Perseverance / Diversity & Achieving against the odds / Aim High
  2. Concentrate – Managing my Distractions / Listening, not just hearing / Working Hard
  3. Question – Questioning/Inquisitive / Teamwork/Reciprocity / Imagine, Create and Innovate
  4. Improve – Reflecting/Revising / Never Give Up (knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do!) / Be Your Best
  5. Understand Myself – Independence/Interdependence / Community / Challenge Yourself & Try New Things
  6. Understand my actions and the actions of others – Responsibility / Empathy / ‘I Can Do’ Attitude