Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club at Molehill Primary Academy is open to all children, including nursery, and from Reception to Year 6.

Gates open at 8am and food is served until 8.20am.

Breakfast club costs £1.00 per morning or £25 per term (£2 per session for Little Moles Nursery). The cost is kept to a minimum to make it accessible to allow as many children as possible to have a good start to their school day.

Sessions must be booked and paid for on the MyChildAtSchool app (MCAS) in advance.

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‘The main purpose of a breakfast club is to provide a safe, secure environment before school, where children can have a decent breakfast with their friends,’ says Kate Price, corporate social responsibility manager for Kellogg’s. ‘They also play an important role in providing before-school childcare for families where parents work or need to get other children to different schools or childcare settings.’

Breakfast Club poster

At Molehill Primary Academy we provide a healthy breakfast for children, alongside activities that they can take part in before schoolChildren come in and have their breakfast, then they have time to play.  There are a variety of activities available each day such as board games, colouring and drawing. We also have a programme of events throughout the week.

Activities can include table tennis, table football, snooker/pool and craft sessions. We have volunteers who come into Breakfast Club to teach the children new skills like table tennis, chess, crafting etc.

Do children benefit?

There has been a wealth of research into the benefits of children having a good breakfast. These include:

  • Improved concentration
  • Improved attendance and punctuality
  • Better behaviour
  • Improved attainment and achievement at school.

62% of school staff regularly witness children arriving at school hungry, so inviting pupils to breakfast club ensures that they start the day with a proper breakfast, which has knock-on effects on their learning and behaviour.

Teachers say that breakfast clubs have a noticeable impact on the children who attend. That hour before school is stress-free. There’s no need for hurrying or being late, because they are already there. They also have a nutritious breakfast and always start with a smile on their faces, ready for learning.

See below for our daily activities:

Mindful Mondays

Free choice activities

Active Tuesdays

Hoops, skipping, beanbags

Fitness Wednesdays

Snooker, Pool, Table Tennis, Football

Dance Thursdays

Dance along and wake up your senses!

Film Fridays

Children choose the film