Medical and Health Care

Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child’s primary school

Medical screening checks are held in the first term following a child’s fifth birthday. Parents are invited to be present at this examination and will receive notification. Throughout schooling regular height and weight checks are made. There are also opportunities for any child to be re-examined at any stage of schooling at the request of the parents or the medical authorities. You will be advised when your child is involved.

If you suspect your child has head lice, please inform us in strictest confidence so that we can alert other parents that a case has been reported.

Please bring the bottle of medicine into the academy office each day. A medical form will also need to be completed. All medicines are kept in the academy office and are given in accordance with the form.

If your child has an accident or becomes ill at the academy we know you will want to know immediately so that you can arrange to collect him/her. Please check that we have two telephone numbers to contact you at home and/or at work. There are six fully qualified first aiders and many others have had relevant training.

If your child has a dental or hospital appointment, please send a note stating the time you will arrive to collect them. Please report to the office upon arrival so that we can adjust the register.