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Hello and a big welcome to Kangaroo Class and Molehill Primary Academy.

Home Learning Week Commencing 5th January 2021

This week, we are basing our teaching and learning on the fabulous story Supertato. Learning from home is providing us with an opportunity to develop as ‘Balanced Learners’ who understand that we need to keep in mind the importance of intellectual, physical, and emotional balance to achieve well-being.

Here is the link – please use your class email to access this week’s resources.


For Phonics, we will be reviewing the Phase 3 learning of the letters j, v, w and x.


Phase 1 Phonics Morning Starter Activities






Home Learning Week Commencing 9th November 2020

For Phonics this week we will use these slides:

https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B0ZPH86XblaTflRBUXlEOTc2Ri1VWkFwZm1yd0pUYTBwSUpLVnJpX0xYMWhmN1N3cE1LVVU and learn:

Monday  /ff/

Tuesday  /ll/

Wednesday  /ss/

Thursday  ‘no’

Friday  ‘go’.

The children love to watch Geraldine the Giraffe learning phonics too. You can find her on YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0VL4Vn97n0

In maths, we will be practicing counting, recognising numbers, and using shapes to make a picture.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Make a pig puppet using shapes. Draw round objects on a piece of paper to make a pig. What shapes can you find at home?


Guess my Number Game

Can you guess what my numbers are from my clues?

My first number is five and one more, that’s one more than five..?

My second number is the same number as fingers on one hand. Can you count them?

My third number is the same number as legs on a spider, it is one more than seven.

Can you think of some number clues?

Counting Game

Play a counting game at home. Take turns to hide behind the sofa and clap up to ten times. This helps practise counting and listening! Take turns to see who can do the best listening.. and counting.

Good luck!

Number Hunt

Have a look around your home to see what numbers you can find. I found lots! I have shared a PDF of photos of the numbers that I found.

Counting Practise


A grown up should write the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 on pieces of scrap paper.

Can you count the correct amount of things for each number? You could use raisins, grapes, biscuits, marbles or buttons, for example. If these are too easy, try counting larger amounts (up to 10).

I am sharing ‘Indoor number hunt’ with you

For English this week, we will be looking at these stories:

Monday The Three Little Pigs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXemLZIXy3M

Tuesday The Poppy Story  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGCHk5_2skY

Wednesday The CBeebies Poppies animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv_ub7Be7oA

Thursday Today, for PE, we will be joining in the Walking Song with Get Fun Teaching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU1W1HdfavI

Friday The story of Rami and Sita (a Diwali story) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRpNNF4fB4g

Term 2

This Term, our Transdisciplinary Theme is How we Express Ourselves. We will be exploring a variety of media, and looking at diverse artists. The Key Concepts we will be focusing on will be Perspective (appreciating things from different points of view), and Connection.

Please click on the link below for the Term 2 Newsletter.


We will continue with Phase Two Phonics and begin Phase Three.

The following link is for the Government’s Letters and Sounds scheme which we follow.


We will continue to use Number Blocks for teaching maths. So far, we have learned up to 10.

Number Blocks episodes can be found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7APNVVdrx5M&t=120s

It has been so wonderful to be back at school and see the children settle into the new school routines and make new friends. The children have settled in very well and are enjoying our fantastic grounds and have embraced forest school.

This term our Transdisciplinary Theme is ‘Who we are’. Within this theme we will be learning about our families, friends, homes and community. We would love it if you could possibly send in some photographs of your pets, family or children enjoying family traditions. This will form a display within the class. Please send photographs to –


In Maths we will be looking at Numberblocks. this is a fun way to introduce children to numbers. We have lots of fun activities planned around Numberblocks.

Please click the link to find out more or watch the You Tube links to a specific number.



This week we will begin to learn out phonemes (Sounds) this will help your child to begin read and write simple words. We will follow the Letters and sounds programme to teach these sounds. The link has been attached below.

This week we will start with the phonemes SATP Phase 2. Phase 1 will be taught alongside phase 2.


Attached is the newsletter. The newsletter will give you all the dates and information you will need for this term.

Foundation Stage Newsletter.

If you have not done so already we would love you to join us in the Google Classroom.

Here we can keep in touch and activities to support your child in their learning will be added.

The link to the Google Classroom has been sent to you by email. The Code and how you join is on the newsletter. Just click the link to find out.

I thought I would finish with photographs as they will show you what a lovely time the children are having learning in school.  ( There are some at the top of the page too)

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Mrs Maskell and Mrs Japer

Week Beginning 20th July.

Well this is our last week together and I just wanted to say a huge thank you from Myself and Mrs Jasper for all your help and support through these very strange times. We have loved teaching your children and they are a credit to you all. I am very disappointed that we did not get to spend the whole year together, but I know they will be just as inspirational to their next teachers, as they have been to us.
Have a safe and wonderful Summer holiday. We wish you and your children all the very best as you move on to year one. I can’t wait to see how all of Kangaroo Class progresses in their future learning.

For this weeks activities we have thought about moving on into year one. This is a huge transition and some worries may occur. For this reason we have chosen a story called – A Bag Full of Worries. Here the children will begin to explore transition.

We hope you enjoy the story and like the activities.

Take care and we will miss you all. Mrs Maskell and Mrs Jasper. Home learning schedule 20th July

Week Beginning 13th July

Hello Kangaroo Class.

Can you believe it? This is our last full week together. You are nearly ready to fly your wings and go to do your learning in year 1. I can’t believe it is that time of year again. But first we have some fun learning to do!

This week we will be looking at learning about creatures from under the sea. I have picked some lovely stories from one of my favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. I have included some art too. I would love to see what you create. Don’t forget to send your masterpieces to the kangaroo website.

Here is the planning for this week.

Have fun and enjoy.

Mrs Maskell and Mrs Jasper

Home learning schedule 13th July

Week beginning 6th July.

Hello Kangaroo Class.

Firstly I would like to apologise for no home learning last week. We had technical difficulties and were unable to upload our plans and exciting tasks for you to do. I hope that you managed okay and enjoyed home learning with your grown ups anyway.

This week we though you would like to learn more about our capital city and have created tasks about London and the United Kingdom.

We hope you enjoy the tasks and look forward to hearing all about your learning. We would love to see photographs of you learning .

Please send them to Kangarooclass@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk.

Take care and be safe. Don’t forget to keep on using MyON for your reading.

Mrs Maskell and Mrs Jasper.

Home learning schedule 6th July-

Week beginning 22nd June

Last week we had fun looking for Bog babies and guess what we found one! We brought it back to Kangaroo class and looked after it. After a few days we noticed that it was not well and we had to place the Bog Baby back in it’s natural habitat. We wrote letters to say goodbye and made a habitat so that the Bog Bay could stay with us for a while. We had so much fun.

This week we will learn more about lady birds. We have noticed that we have lots around our school. The story we will start with is ‘What the Lady bird heard’ we hope you enjoy the learning. Remember do as much as you can and send some of your learning to kangarooclass@molehillprimaryacadey.org.uk

Home learning schedule 22nd June (1)

Have an enjoyable week, take care and stay  Mrs Maskell and Mrs Jasper

Week Beginning 15th June

This week we will focus on a book called Bog baby. This is one of Mrs Maskell’s favourite stories and when you read it you will see why.
The children will learn about looking after the animals we have on our planet and will begin to understand that sometimes even though we want to keep an animal it is best for the animal to stay in it’s own natural habitat.
I have added all of the links and resources you will need for this weeks learning and hope you enjoy this book as much as we do. I can’t wait to hear about what you do at home. Take care and stay safe.
Mrs Maskell and Mrs Jasper.

Week Beginning 8th June

Hello Kangaroo’s

It has been such a lovely week seeing some of you and I am missing the rest of the you. I hope you are all safe and well and hope that you are enjoying the learning that we are placing on here and on  the google classroom. Last week at school we looked at minibeast. We went on a minibeast hunt and made our own in class. I am wondering what some of you found at home if you went on a minibeast.

We found lots of spiders and beetles in the woods. We are spending lots of time doing fun activities outside and I am hoping that you are too.

Next week we will look at the book – The Hungry Caterpillar. The children found lots of butterflies in the woods and want to carry on learning about this. I can’t wait to see your learning or hear about it when I or we call you.

Here are some activities for your learning next week. Please don’t forget to read using the Myon. I can see lots of you are reading on this already- so well done. Keep it up!

Take care and have a fun week.

Mrs Maskell and Mrs Jasper.

Home learning schedule 8th June (1).

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_FbjYUP_UtldV2K_-niWw/videos Phonics lessons

Week Beginning 1st June

Welcome back. I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable half term. I can not believe that we are now in the summer term.

I hope you have enjoyed the home learning and I look forward to sharing more exciting activities that you can do at home or in school.

Here are the home learning ideas for this week.

For now stay safe and well and I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Home learning schedule June 1st

Home Learning- Kangaroo Class Minibeast June 1st (1)

Day-1-Superworm Day-2-Superworm Day-3-Superworm Day-4-Superworm Day-5-Superworm

Week beginning 18th May 2020

Hello Kangaroo class.

Wow what a busy week we have had. I have been out for walks and have been making fairy gardens with my children in the woods as my daughter lost her tooth. It has been so much fun. Perhaps you can make one to. We made a swing from string and sticks and people from wooden pegs. We also wrote a letter to the fairy.

I have added some some activities for you to do this week. Mrs Maskell is hoping that you will all have a go at the world record art challenge. All the details are below.

Have a wonderful week and I miss you lots.

Mrs Maskell

Home Learning below- click the links. 

For this weeks learning I have added the phonics below.

I have also given you my plans to support the teaching of the slides. I hope you have fun learning with them.


Maths Addition

English_ Reading



Art world record

Week Beginning 11th May2020

Hello Kangaroo Class

I hope you are all safe and well and are enjoying the wonderful weather.

The weather was glorious on Friday and our street had a lovely day celebrating VE Day. I hope you all had fun celebrating it to.

This weeks planning involves animals, as the children on the Google Class have expressed an interest in wanting to learn more about them.

I have a slide with a story that is based in a different place – Africa. I hope enjoy it as mush as me. There is a funny twist in the story that I hope you like.  This week the learning will take you to find out about animals in Africa and compare them to the animals we have here.

I have also uploaded the phonics and maths for this week. Enjoy and have fun learning but most of all keep safe.

Mrs Maskell and Mrs Jasper.

Topic and English

Watch Handa’s Surprise


Activity 1 Grown Up’s – give the children a point for each animal your child guesses correctly. Now your turn. How many did you guess?

Handa is really good at balancing her fruit basket on her head.

Balance a soft toy on your hand.

Easy – Try to balance it on your head.

Tricky- Which other parts can you balance it on?

Challenge- Can you walk around with it still balanced on your head? Try not to use your hands.

What do you already know about Africa?


Africa is well known for its wonderful animals .

Take a look at the links below to find out more.




Can you talk about what you have found out about Africa?

Can you draw an animal from Africa?

Can you write a fact about one of the African animals you have just learnt about?

What can you remember about Africa? Did you learn anything new?




I would love for you to try some of these fun maths activities this week. Pick which ones you would like to do.






Week Beginning 4th May

Hello Kangaroo Class.

I hope you are all safe and well and have had a lovely weekend. It was so lovely to talk to some of your parents this week, and I am so please that you are all enjoying the home learning.

 Mrs Jasper gave us an idea for this week’s planning as she has been out in her garden planting seeds.  

Both myself and Mrs Jasper have out for walks and have seen some beautiful plants, trees and flowers that we share our planet with. We thought that you might like to learn more about these.  Below if you click the link you will find some activities. Remember you do not have to do all of these, they are there just as a guide and to support. Pick as many as you would like to do. I would love to see some of your home learning, you can send these pictures to the email address below. 

Remember if you need to contact me at any time the email address is


Have a super week learning . We miss you

Mrs Maskell and Mrs Jasper 

phonics phase 3 week 4


Term 5 

Hi –

There is a very exciting Book Trust online festival tomorrow (1st May) celebrating bedtime stories, which ties in well with our World Book Day this year. It’s called Pyjamarama and runs all day tomorrow, including story times by authors, drawing sessions with illustrators and writing guides, plus appearances from PJ Masks. It would be lovely to have some photos of you joining in, so please do have a look at the website.


lockdown letter 1

Hello Kangaroo Class.

We hope you are safe and well and we miss you all lots. I have been placing lots on the Google classroom and would still love it if you could come and join us.  I will be uploading lots of resources and websites you can access over the coming days on here from now on so keep looking at this website. .

Here is this weeks planning and resources.

Take care.

Mrs Maskell and Mrs Jasper.

EYFS Week Beginning 27th April

Below are free resources that will support and guide you through this time. Please use as much or as little as you wish. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Free resources and lessons to support children with their learning. Sign up using the following link  https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS.
  • Phonics Play – In response to the ongoing situation,  PhonicsPlay  is free. A fantastic resource with games and planning for phonics. Just click the link https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/
    Children can use the site at home without parents needing to subscribe. To access  resources all you need to do is log on using the following details. (Link above)Username: march20
    Password: home
  • Teachers pet https://tpet.co.uk/?s=home+learning+packs . Teachers pet is providing free learning packs for all year groups. Just click on the link and follow the instructions for the free code.
    The Department For Education are providing daily phonics lessons designed and delivered by teaching experts. There will be 12 weeks of lessons using the same programme as Molehill. (Letters and sounds) We would encourage you to watch these. The timetable is in the attached letter. Let me know what you think.
    Mrs Maskell https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JxJIE4UAuxSXqtI4OHfpLif-nBALaP8xkf8uqT5A_04/edit

Term 3 newsletter ..

Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2. A very busy term, with Nativity, Christmas fair and the in school Pantomime.

This term we will be looking at ‘How we express ourselves. We will look at the colours of fireworks and will be mixing our own primary colours to make secondary colours. We will Also look at the safety of fireworks. In addition to this we will learn about ‘Remembrance day’.

Later on in the term we will be learning our lines for the end of term Nativity. The date for this is Friday 13th December at 2pm. We will look forward to showing you this, as the children work so hard to sing the songs and stand up and act in front of lots of people.

The school fair will we held at 2-4pm on Thursday 12th December. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Christmas Jumper day and School Christmas dinner day is 11th December 2019. Please make sure you fill in the forms and send them back to school for this as the kitchen will need to know how many children to cook for, Thank you.

End of term is Wednesday 18th December at 1:30pm.

Again thank you for your continued support. If any parents would like to help in school, hearing children read or help with future school trips please let one of the staff members know.

Here are a few photographs from the term.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Term 1 Kangaroo Class 

Dates for your diary-

Tuesday 1st October= First School Class Photograph

Thursday 17th October Fabulous Finish All parents welcome to spend the afternoon in class with children 2:15 pm

First of all a big welcome to Foundation Stage- Reception Class and thank you for choosing Molehill Primary Academy.

We are really looking forward to working with the children and you, and can’t wait to see the children develop throughout the academic year.

A Huge ‘Well done’ to the children!  We are very proud of the way they have coped with their first week of full time school.  They have all made a fantastic start and we are pleased  with how settled they are in class and how they are quickly and happily parting from parents  and carers in the mornings.  They have coped well with all the new routines and have managed really well selecting their school lunch and carrying their trays at dinner time.

Your child will be excited as they bring home their first reading book this week. Please take the time to share this book with your child and write how your child has  approached and enjoyed the book in their yellow reading record too. Any questions please do ask a member of staff. Your child is not expected to read the book at this point in the year. Thank you.

To show some of our amazing learning we thought we would share some of the photographs of your child’s first few days at school and their first full time week. As your can see it  show how settled they have been. We hope you enjoy them.

Term 6.

Here is the newsletter with important dates . newsletter term, 6 (1)

May 6th 2019

This week we have been so busy. We have been reading stories about the farm and we had an amazing visit to New Line Leaning Farm on Wednesday. The children asked many questions and were thrilled to meet many new additions to the animal family. Here are just a few photographs of our trip.

Monday 11 March 2019

Welcome back from the break. Can you believe we are now in term 4? Where is the time going?

We have been so busy with our learning and have so much to show you. In the first week we learnt about Shrove Tuesday and made pancakes. We spoke about what toppings we liked on our pancakes and enjoyed eating them.

This week we have also been discussing where our different foods come from. We have read books about fruit and vegetables and the children have been asking lots of questions.  We are now going to find the answers to them.

Science week was a great success, thank you for those that came to the science afternoon.We have have had so much fun! The children have learnt about their senses, materials and have investigated these in different ways. We have also had a visit from the year sixes. They came and delivered a science workshop to the children.

Here are some photographs of our learning over the past three weeks.

Monday 21st January 2019

This week the children asked if they could learn about fairies. We like to go from the children’s own interests, so why not. We have had fun collecting items for our fairy gardens and have made fairies from pegs. We have also written what we have used in our fair gardens. In addition to this, the children have written about their fairies and have written ingredients to make magic fairy dust.  In mathematics we have also been having fun with subtraction.  Here are a few pictures of our learning.

Monday 7th January 2019 Welcome back to Term 3.

We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that you all had an enjoyable and relaxing break. For our first two days back we focused on growing and how we have improved with our learning since we started school back in September. We also talked about what we would like to learn about this term. This week we have been focusing on weather. We started the week with an icy start so the children talked about where ice had come from and talked about how we could melt the ice.

We also looked at rain and made a storm in a jar. The children became interested in tornadoes and we watched one on the computer, and also made one in a jar. If the children would like to do this at home it is washing up liquid and water in a jar. The children were fascinated at this.   ” Wow, can I make the windy tornado?” “How is that happening”.

The class love rainbows so we decided to make our own. Take a look at our amazing learning. We will let you know how the rainbow turns out later in the week.

DON’T FORGET- Nativity Monday December 17th 2pm-3pm. Please fill in the form for your tickets.

Week beginning- Monday 19th November 2018

This week the children have shown an interest in ‘Superheroes’ so we looked at book called ‘Supertato’. The children have enjoyed making up their own stories, making masks and badges, creating traps to catch the ‘Evil Pea’ and designing their own vegetables. The children have created their own books and have written about the adventures of Supertato. Wow, what an amazing week. Please pop in after school and look at our amazing work sometime.

The children have also been learning more phonemes (sounds) We are now on phase 3 and this will all be shared with you on Monday at parents day. Please sign up if you have not got an appointment already.

Here are a few of our photos from our amazing week of learning!!

Monday 12th November.

The children wanted to carry on making poppies this week and making items for Remembrance day.  In P.E today (Monday) we had fun going on a bear hunt, going under, over and through pieces of equipment.

Welcome back. We hope you had an amazing break and are ready for the second term.

Last week we talked about firework safety and made firework pictures and pretend fireworks. We also created firework dances to go with the song ‘Firework’ by Katie Perry. The children had great fun doing this.

During the week we talked about Remembrance Day and the significance of 100 years since the ending of World War 1.  The children made poppies and painted pictures.  Here are a few photographs of our learning during the week. 

Friday 5th October 2018

Well what a fun week we have had. We have written shopping lists so that the little pigs can buy ingredients for the wolf to have pizza. We have made pizza and have made masks to role-play the story.  Here is our fantastic week of learning.

Tuesday 9th October 2018

For the next two weeks we will be learning about ‘The Three little Pigs’. This week we started to make the straw house and have already been on a learning walk to look at different types of homes. The children used words to describe the homes like, Semi-detached, flats, and caravans. We Identified some of these in Shepway! Look at our photographs.


Thursday 6th September.

First of all we would like to welcome you all to Molehill, and secondly to Kangaroo Class. The children came into school and settled well. We played trains, dinosaurs, made tea for the teachers and most of all had FUN!

We look forward to working with you all this year,and we can’t wait to see your children flourish and become independent learners.   If there is anything you would like to ask during the year please do not hesitate to do so. We will strive to make this an enjoyable an fun year for your child/ren.

Thank you

Monday 2nd July 2018

This week we will be taking about the police. It was the Kent Police Open day at the weekend, and the children have shown an interest to learn about them. We will also look at the story, The pig in a pond. This will be the build up for our trip this Friday. We all can’t wait  and are now on count down, 4 more sleeps!!

Photographs from last week’s learning.

Date – Monday 25th June 2018

This week we will be looking at our new class pet, our butterflies, before we release them back into the wild on Wednesday.  

Also this week we will look at a story called- The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We will make Lists of foods, Make healthy lunchboxes and will look at Grace Darling,a lighthouse keepers daughter. Grace Darling was influential as without her the RNLI may never have been created. 

Next week we will be learning about Australia. If you have anything from Australia please could you bring it in so we can share experiences, photographs etc with the children. Thank you. Here are a few pictures from this week and the disco.

This week 11-06-18.

This week week we will be looking at a book called, Dear Greenpeace by Simon James. The children will begin the book by looking at whales.

We have very special visitors in Kangaroo Class that have arrived this week, caterpillars that we emerge into butterflies soon. Look at our photographs from our fun week of learning.  We also learnt about the Muslim Celebrations of Eid Mubarak and made decorations to get ready. Kangaroo Class would like to wish all our friend a happy Eid !

 Dressing up for Eid.

 Measuring how big a Blue Whale is compared to other whales.

Welcome back to term 6-

This week we have been looking at the Bog Baby and have written what we need to keep the Bog Baby safe in our classroom.

Today (5-06-18) we have had a visit form Warburtons. The children have tasted different types of bread and have also made a sandwich to take home. Here are some of the photographs of our amazing visit. We would like to thank Laura and Sandra, From Warburtons for making the visit an enjoyable one for the children.

Term 6.

To start the term we will be looking at a story called ‘Bog Baby‘. The Bog Baby is a magical story by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward.  The children will learn to look after and care for wildlife and will understand that all animals/ insects have a habitat and some habitats are different to ours.

Here is a little bit of information about the story –

When two small sisters go fishing to the magic pond, they find something much better than a frog or a newt. They find a bog baby. Small and blue with wings like a dragon, the girls decide to make him their secret. I won’t tell if you won’t.

But the bog baby is a wild thing, and when he becomes poorly, the girls decide they must tell their mum. And she tells them the greatest lesson: if you really love something, you have to let it go.

Also in this term we will be looking after butterflies, they have been ordered and will arrive the first week back, in Kangaroo Class. We will look at the life cycle of a butterfly during this term and will have fun releasing them back into the wild.

We hope you have a restful break and look forward working with you after the half term- Term 6. 

Monday 21st May.

Next we we will start the week looking at the royal wedding again and will talk about the events that have happened over the weekend. We will look at a story called ‘ The Queens Knickers’ and will write to the queen to see what she enjoyed about the wedding.

Don’t forget you are invited in on Thursday for our Fabulous Finish. It will start at 2:15. We look forward to seeing you. 

This week has been amazing! We started with – The Royal Wedding, Tuesday ‘The Queens Knickers’, Wednesday- Captain loves underpants and Thursday- ‘ Aliens love underpants’. We finished off today by going to the library and playing phonics bingo. What amazing learning by all children, well done Kangaroo Class.

A Big- Thank you for attending our fabulous finish. We hope you enjoyed seeing what we have been learning.

Monday 14th May 2018.

This week we will focus on the Royal wedding. We have already made a wedding cake and talked about members of the Royal family starting with the Queen. Each day we will focus on a member of the Royal family. We will write invitations, create menus, make flowers, make bunting etc.

Wow! What an amazing week we have had. We finished this week with a Royal Wedding and also sent our wedding letters to Meghan and Harry.

DSCF6400DSCF6401DSCF6402DSCF6404DSCF6406DSCF6407DSCF6408DSCF6410DSCF6411DSCF6412DSCF6413DSCF6414DSCF6415DSCF6416DSCF6417DSCF6402DSCF6483DSCF6479DSCF6476DSCF6474DSCF6473DSCF6472DSCF6471DSCF6470DSCF6469DSCF6468DSCF6467DSCF6462DSCF6457DSCF6455DSCF6446DSCF6443 A royal wave and making decorations. DSCF6445DSCF6444Getting Buddy ready for the wedding. DSCF6442DSCF6441DSCF6439DSCF6438DSCF6435DSCF6434DSCF6437DSCF6429DSCF6430DSCF6422DSCF6419DSCF6420Wedding games and dressing up.

Tuesday 8th May 2018

This week we will be leaning about Supertato. We again look forward to showing our learning. super tato

What a busy week we have had. We enjoyed looking at the duckling, having a mini-beast hunt and learning all about ladybirds. We have been amazed to see how many we have in our school grounds. Don’t forget Monday 7th May is Bank Holiday and so there we be no school for this day. Back Tuesday for more fun learning.

We are proud to say we have Ducklings hatching at Molehill! To watch their progress and  see more ducklings hatching-  log on to our website and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  You will see – Ducklings Live Stream. It is very exciting to watch.

Week Beginning 30th April

This week we will be looking at the book- The Grumpy Ladybird.

The children are very fascinated with the many ladybirds we have in the grounds of Molehill and therefore this is a fantastic book.

We will begin the week by learning the time, O’clock and half past, we will be adding the spots on the ladybird, subtracting the aphids as the ladybird eats them, and will be looking at 2d and 3d shapes.

In groups the children will discuss why the ladybird is grumpy and will think of ways that we can cheer him up. We will also write letters and make cards  to say sorry for being grumpy.

The children will also enjoy a story telling afternoon with Gerald the Giraffe. I will upload photographs of our learning very soon.

DSCF9727DSCF9731DSCF6203DSCF9688DSCF9673DSCF9691DSCF9664 DSCF9692


Monday 16th April 2018

Welcome back to another exciting term, Term 5. We hope that you had a wonderful break and are refreshed. We look forward to sharing what the children have been learning and how the children have progressed through the term. Term 5 newsletter (1) (1)

This term we will start with the topic of ‘Mini-beast’. We have started this topic by  reading a booked called the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This week the children will build a mini-beast hotel, will learn what an insect is and will go on mini-beast hunts around the school. We will also  draw the bugs, look at Symmetry, and add and subtract using fruits from the story or the bugs themselves. (well plastic ones) . The children have already shown great excitement about learning about the creatures. as one child said ‘ This is fun Mrs Maskell’, as we looked under rocks and plants for the animals.

DSCF9611[1] DSCF9612[1] DSCF9613[1] DSCF9618[1]

Bug making and painting bugs with water. Looking for mini-beast and making habitats for mini-beasts. DSCF9562DSCF9616[1] DSCF9620[1]Symmetry

DSCF6109[1]DSCF9570 DSCF9610 DSCF9608 DSCF9600 DSCF9601DSCF9599DSCF9558 DSCF9581 DSCF9588 DSCF9587 DSCF9572DSCF9568DSCF9567

Term 5.  Monday 16th April 2018

During this term we will be learning about Minibeasts.

We will start the term learning about the Hungry Caterpillar.download

Week beginning –  Monday 26th March 2018

This week we have been looking at a book called ‘The Tiger That Came To Tea’ The children have written shopping lists, invitations and had a fantastic tea party that parents attended, Thank you.

We also have visited the Church to learn about the Last Supper. The children were so well behaved and enjoyed bread, blackcurrant and a small Easter egg from Mrs Bathford.  The children  have also made Easter cakes and have worn Easter bonnets.   We wish you a very Happy Easter from the Foundation Team.

DSCF6061 DSCF6062 DSCF6063 DSCF6064 DSCF6065 DSCF6066 DSCF6067 DSCF6068 DSCF6069 DSCF6070 DSCF6071 DSCF6072 DSCF6073 DSCF6074 DSCF6075 DSCF6076 DSCF6077 DSCF6078 DSCF6079 DSCF6080 DSCF6081 DSCF6082 DSCF6083 DSCF6086 DSCF6090 DSCF6092 DSCF6093 DSCF6095 DSCF6096

 DSCF9504 DSCF9505 DSCF9506 DSCF9507 DSCF9508 DSCF9509 DSCF9510 DSCF9511 DSCF9512 DSCF9513 DSCF9514 DSCF9515 DSCF9516 DSCF9517 DSCF9518 DSCF9519 DSCF9520

DSCF9431 DSCF9432 DSCF9433 DSCF9434 DSCF9435 DSCF9438 DSCF9439 DSCF9440 DSCF9441 DSCF9442 DSCF9445 DSCF9446 DSCF9447 DSCF9448 DSCF9449 DSCF9452 DSCF9453 DSCF9454 DSCF9455 DSCF9456 DSCF9459 DSCF9460 DSCF9461 DSCF9462 DSCF9463 DSCF9466 DSCF9467 DSCF9468 DSCF9469 DSCF9470 DSCF9473 DSCF9474 DSCF9475 DSCF9476 DSCF9477 DSCF9480 DSCF9481 DSCF9482 DSCF9483 DSCF9484

Next week we will be looking at Easter and will concentrate on learning about the farm.

We will take a visit to New Line Learning and will be having a talk about where our food comes from and the dairy products produced at the farm. We will continue to focus on counting (eggs with numbers), sharing, doubling and adding and subtracting numbers. We will also look at shape and pattern.  We will focus on reading and will be writing sentences. Please- keep up the fantastic work with reading at home . Your children are amazing and are continuing to make us proud with all areas of learning.

Date for your diary- Fabulous finish 28th March- Please note that we are going to have a ‘Tigers’  tea party and you are invited to join us at 2pm in Kangaroo Class. 

Next week we will be looking at the book- ( Date 12-3-18)

The Little Red Hen

red hen

We will be making bread, learning to recite the story  in Pie Corbett style and writing about how we help others. In Mathematics we will be counting objects to 20 and beyond, looking at the numerals 1-20, adding and subtracting, doubling and halving and making patterns.  We can’t wait to show you our learning.DSCF5959DSCF5967DSCF9411DSCF9413DSCF5924DSCF5937 DSCF5938 DSCF5944 DSCF5951 DSCF9396 DSCF9397 DSCF9398 DSCF9399 DSCF5941 DSCF5942 DSCF5943

Welcome back after the snow. We hope that you had fun and it was a memorable experience. Date – 5th March 2018.

This week we have started to look at healthy eating. We started today by looking at the different food groups and what makes a healthy balanced diet. We wrote about what kinds of food we like that are healthy. We have also made a bar graph of our favourite fruits.

We will also be writing about what we eat at very special occasions and will be trying different foods. This week we will be looking at the trigraphs – air and ear and will focus on consolidating the phonemes already taught.

Today we worked tried different fruits, vegetables and pickles (Friday) Enjoy the photographs of the week we have had and the love of learning we have in Kangaroo Class.

DSCF9361[1]DSCF9346[1]DSCF9344[1]DSCF9355[1]DSCF9316[1]DSCF5829[1]DSCF5831[1]DSCF5836[1]DSCF5850[1]DSCF9296[1]DSCF9299[1]DSCF9353[1] DSCF9358[1]DSCF9301[1]

Photographs taken from today.- DSCF9294[1] DSCF9293[1] DSCF9292[1] DSCF9290[1]

Monday last week we started looking at the the poem ‘Chocolate Cake’ by Michael Rosen but unfortunately we had the snow that hindered our learning. We will look at this again very soon.


Welcome back to term 4. My goodness these terms are flying past! We hope you had a restful break and are  ready for the term ahead.

We will start the term with a book called Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. We will be writing shopping lists, writing about our favourite food and learning about money. Here are some pictures taken today. DSCF9133[1]DSCF9134[1]DSCF9128[1] DSCF9132[1]DSCF9119[1]

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This week we have had so much fun learning about the traditional tale, The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

We have made bridges, learnt about the best 3D  and 2D shapes to make bridges and have written about the troll. We have also painted pictures in the style of Lowry. In maths we also learnt about ordinal numbers, (first, second and third) and played a game to cross the bridge using problem solving methods. We gave the children problems like what is one more than? One less than? What is 2 and 3? and what is 6 shared by 2? The children really enjoyed the challenge.

The Gruffalo

came to Molehill Primary Academy! We made clay models, wrote a description of The Gruffalo, chose our favourate Gruffalo character colours, and played lots of Gruffalo maths games. We ended the week by having a gallery of our art work. The children took turns to say what they liked about the works of art, and chose which ones they would like to take home.

DSCF9028 DSCF9032

DSCF9023 DSCF9026

This week we have been learning about Red Riding Hood.

We have acted out the story, made food for Grandma and have written get well cards to Grandma. We have also thought about the wolf and have described him so that he can be caught by the police.  Some of our fabulous writing is now in our special writing books. In these books we take care about what we write and it’s our best work. Perhaps you can see these next time you pop in. We love to show you how  hard your child works.

  DSCF8989[1] DSCF8962[1] DSCF8967[2] DSCF8960[1]

This week we have also created a science experiment. We wanted to find out how plants drink. We have placed our white flowers into a cap with different coloured water. Over the next few days we will be looking at our flower to see if it changes. Here are a few pictures of the week so far.  In phonics this we we have been learning y, z, zz and qu.

Next week  we are learning about Little Read Riding Hood!  Dates to place in your diary- Fabulous Finish (Stay and Play) Thursday 8th February 2018 last day of term Friday 9th February 2018. 


Monday 8th January 2018

This week we have been learning about ‘The Bear Hunt’. We have made bear mask, created bear pictures with forks, made bear crowns, written about an animal we would like to go on a hunt for, looked in the woods for a bear and used positional language, under, over, next to, on top of  and have used positional language on the equipment/apparatus in P.E.  In maths we have also counted bears, positioned bears and have added up using bears.  What a busy week we have had.


This week we have been learning the Phonemes- Y, W, X and J. We have also been setting challenges for the children to complete.

Here are some of the challenges we set-

Can you build a tower of 10 cubes/ bricks?

Can you make a repeated pattern with three colours/ shapes?

Can you write your whole name?

Make a bear mask?

Identify  numbers to 5, 10 or 20?

Can you make a Numicon number line?


These have been a great success and we look forward to showing you some of these.

Thursday 4th January 2018.

Welcome back and a very Happy New year to you all, from all the Foundation stage team!

Well our first two days  back we started thinking about what we had been doing over the Christmas holidays. We Made repeated patterns from shapes for wrapping paper and wrote about our favourite Christmas presents. We also thought about the fun we had with the Christmas party last term, decorating the tree and the language that came from finding the ice outside, on a cold winter’s day. We thought about where it came from and this is what the children thought – Jack frost sprinkled the ice, it’s the temperature going down that has made the ice, the water has frozen and that is the ice!– what lovely ideas these were and sparked lots of talking between teachers and the children.  Here are some photographs of the first few days back and the last few days of term.


Monday 11th December.

This week we are looking at different festivals. We will start by looking at Diwali- The Festival of light and will make Diva lights to help Rama and Sita have a safe journey home. We will also look at how Spain celebrates Christmas and will have a special visitor who will be bring traditional Spanish biscuits.  This week we have had our very first Christmas dinner. Look at how much fun we had! Also- This week we look forward to showing you our Nativity. Don’t Forget this will be at 10:30 on Friday 15th December. Here are some preview pictures.

DSCF8776[1] DSCF8778[1] DSCF8779[1] DSCF8781[1] DSCF8787[1] DSCF8788[1] DSCF8801[1] DSCF8799[1] DSCF8802[1] DSCF8811[1] DSCF8831[1] DSCF8829[1]

Monday 4th December.

This week our focus will be the Christmas story. We will learn about the traditional story and the true meaning of Christmas.

We will be making and writing Christmas cards, writing letters to father Christmas and writing our Christmas list. We will also be doing lots of counting, adding up presents and learning one one and one less than a given number.

DSCF8710 DSCF8723

Next week we will be learning about Handa’s Surprise. We will be fruit tasting,  creating observational drawings, fruit painting,  writing about our favourite animal and counting the animals and the adding the amount of feet they have.  A fun and exciting week. We can’t wait to show you our learning.DSCF8727


Week beginning Monday 20th November.

This week we have started to look at the story – The Jolly Postman. We will create story maps, look at addresses and the numbers on letters, create our own letters or postcards and talk about using our known phonemes (sounds) to help the postman deliver the letters to the correct houses. We will show you our lovely work very soon!


Tuesday 21st November 2017

The Foundation Team would like to start with a BIG THANK YOU  to all the children for their exceptional behaviour on the school trip. The children did Molehill proud and it was a pleasure to take them!!!

We had amazing fun walking to Loose and making the pizzas of our own choice. The members of staff made our trip a wonderful experience for the children and we will be writing thank you cards this week.  All the children felt the dough, chose their own toppings and had a slice before leaving. We also watched the staff make pizzas. Here are some photographs of our day.

DSCF8503DSCF8529DSCF8521DSCF8531DSCF8535DSCF8543DSCF8525DSCF8526DSCF8514DSCF8527DSCF8522DSCF8523DSCF8528DSCF8524DSCF8506DSCF8517DSCF8510DSCF8509DSCF8508DSCF8507DSCF8505DSCF8504DSCF8554DSCF5484 DSCF5502 DSCF5470DSCF5479DSCF5457DSCF5461DSCF5475


Please can you have your child in school for 8 am tomorrow ( Tuesday 21st November 2017)  as we are promptly leaving to make pizza at Domino’s. This will be a fabulous experience for the children. Look on here for updated pictures. Thank You

The Foundation Team.

Open Mornings

Wednesday 29th November 2017 1:30 -3pm

Thursday 30th November 2017 9:30 11:30 am

Tuesday 5th December 2017 9:30-11:30 am.

Come and tour our school including our Foundation Stage classrooms and magnificent outside play area. Meet the friendly Early Years Foundation Stage team and the children of the school.

Please note there are no parking facilities in the school grounds.


Week beginning 13th November 2017

This week we have been learning about Cinderella. We made wands and added the correct number of beads to the numeral. We also wrote wedding invitations and had a wedding service in St Martins Church. This was so much fun. Kangaroo class thought that we need to make a wedding cake for Cinderella so we made cakes to celebrate.

To end the week we dressed up to raise money for Children in Need.

Here are some pictures of our fantastic learning.

Our phonics homework this week is to look for words beginning with i,n,m and d.

Last week we looked at the letters S.A.T.P.

DSCF8493 DSCF8454 DSCF8455 DSCF8461 DSCF8464 DSCF8469 DSCF8470 DSCF8471 DSCF8486 DSCF8482 DSCF8365 DSCF8481

Week Beginning Monday 6th November 2017

This week has been a tremendous start to the new term. We started the week looking at fireworks and spoke about the colours we saw and the safety aspects. We read a story of how Welephant and his friend Spikey enjoyed a safe bonfire night and firework display. It had many fire safety messages particularly to do with fireworks and the firework code. The children really enjoyed this and it caused us to reflect on our own experiences of fireworks.

We then went on to make fireworks, we created firework dances and made firework pictures.

DSCF8404[1] DSCF8391[1] DSCF8399[1]DSCF8401[1]

We also went on this week to learn about remembrance day. We discussed the significance of the event and painted pictures, made poppies, created medals and even made our own trenches. To finish the week we made a poppy biscuit to take home.

Here are the pictures of our fabulous week of learning!

DSCF8303[1] DSCF8328[1] DSCF8304[1]  DSCF8321[1] DSCF8322[1]

The children became interested in learning about the Stick Man and collected sticks of different sizes. They then went on and decided to make army dens from the sticks.

DSCF8441[1] DSCF8445[1] DSCF8444[1] DSCF8442[1]

What a fantastic end of the term. We thought you would like to see what the children have been Learning and what better way than through photographs. We thank you once again for your continued support.

.DSCF5264 DSCF5280 DSCF5285 DSCF8001 DSCF8028 DSCF8057 DSCF8054 DSCF8066 DSCF8006 DSCF8064 DSCF8053 DSCF8058 DSCF8089 DSCF8088 DSCF8126 DSCF8151

Wow! Thank you for all your support and lovely comments from our stay and play session. The children amaze us everyday with their fantastic learning and we have had such fun this term.

Today (Thursday 19th October) we have been making Harvest soup. Look at our photo’s. This week, Wednesday  we have also had a visit from Tesco’s where we got to try several foods. pickles, crackers, pickled onions, apples and various fruits. We thank Dan and Helen for their lovely workshop teaching the children about food and Harvest time.

DSCF5239 DSCF5230 DSCF5237 DSCF5244 DSCF5249 DSCF5246 DSCF5251


Are you looking for school places for September 2018?

Do you have a child aged 4 on or before 31st August 2018?

If so please Join us on our…….

Open Mornings

Wednesday 29th November 2017 1:30 -3pm

Thursday 30th November 2017 9:30 11:30 am

Tuesday 5th December 2017 9:30-11:30 am.

Come and tour our school including our Foundation Stage classrooms and magnificent outside play area. Meet the friendly Early Years Foundation Stage team and the children of the school.

Please note there are no parking facilities in the school grounds.


Dates for your diary!!

Tuesday 21st November 2017- We are making pizza at Dominoes in Loose. Please note we are leaving school at 8am and walking to the venue.

Christmas performance -Friday 15th December 2017- 10:30 am. Come and see our wonderful Nativity play.

Thursday 14th December – Come and join to see some of our fantastic learning. We hope you can make it. 2:30pm Until 3. 

Wednesday 20th December – Break up for the Christmas holidays- 1:30pm Finish. 

Monday 16th July 2pm Kangaroo Class sports day.

Welcome to Kangaroo Class.

Well what an amazing week we have had. We have settled into our class and our routines and have even had our first school dinner.

We have been learning where all of the resources are within our classroom and have been investigating both of our indoor and outdoor areas.  Here are a few pictures of our first amazing week at Molehill. DSCF4768DSCF4696DSCF4687DSCF4842 DSCF4714DSCF4684DSCF4688Term 1 Newsletter 2017 (4)

Could we please ask that you bring in a spare set of clothes for your child and wellies if you have them. Thank you.

This Friday 15th September we will be sending out the school reading books. We would like you to share this book with your child/ren and write in the reading contact book when the book is read.

Many thanks for all your support this week in settling the children into the class and school routine. Don’t forget we are full time next week and we will be finishing at 3:10.

We look forward to working with you all.

The foundation team!

25th September 2017.

This week we have been looking at friendship. We have read the story, The Rainbow Fish and discussed who our friends are and why they are our friends. We have also been naming parts of the human body by singing the song, head, shoulders knees and toes.  Children have been loving our new role play – the baby clinic.  The children have been making sure the babies are fed well and looked after carefully. Well done Kangaroo Class!!

Here is the news letter sent out last week. Newsletter

Friday 13th October 2017.

This week we have been learning about people who help us. we have dressed up as fire fighters, doctors, nurses and even dentists. We have had great fun doing this and have learnt many things about the different uniforms and the roles they play in everyday life. Here are a few pictures of our fun week.


Next week we will be looking at Harvest and we will have a very special visitor who will be making pumpkin soup with us. We will be trying different foods and will be learning where these foods come from. Don’t forget that next week we would love to see you at our fabulous finish. Thursday 19th at 2:30 pm. We would love to share what we have been learning with you, and show you our classroom.

We would also like to share some photographs with you to show our fantastic learning.