Leopard Class

37143965-leopard-walking-wild-big-cat-realistic-vector-illustrationWelcome to Leopard Class 2020-21

Welcome to the Leopard class web page. Here you will find news and photographs of our class so please keep an eye on it throughout the year. 

Class teacher: Mrs V Jones

Learning support assistant: Miss R Holdaway 

Homework: set on Mondays, due in the following Monday. Join our Leopard Google Classroom to access the homework (please ask Mrs Jones for the details if you have misplaced them). 

Spellings: set on Mondays, tested on Fridays.

PE: Wednesdays.

Forest school: Thursdays (please ensure your child comes to school already wearing their forest school clothes and wellies/trainers).

Contact: Mrs Jones direct at leopardclass@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk or the school office at contactus@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk

Term 2

This term, our theme is ‘Where we are in place and time’ and our central idea is ‘Journeys may create change and can lead to new things’. 

Please see our term 2 newsletter for more information – Leopard newsletter Term 2

Learner profile attributes

In school we encourage the children to meet the different learner profile attribute below. We discuss these regularly and related lots of our learning to them. Please ask your children about what the different attributes mean and ask them how they link to our current inquiry.

Reading at home 

reading is absolutely essential to foster a love of learning and help your child access the entire school curriculum, as well as being a vital life skill. All pupils read or are read to every day at school and must read with someone for at least 10 minutes every day at home as well.

Every pupil has their own myON account, which is a website of thousands of age-appropriate e-books of all levels and genres. Please encourage your child to use this as much as possible at home; if you have lost their log-in details, please just ask Mrs Jones for them. You can find the myON site here – https://www.myon.co.uk/

Find more information about what myON is here – myON parent letter

You can also help your child practice their phonics by playing free games at the Phonics Play website – https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Thank you.

Here is the Term 1 Leopard class newsletter, where you can find information on reading with your child, PE lessons and what we are learning about this term. Leopard newsletter Term 1 

Don’t forget to read with your child every night at home and to also give them access to thousands of age-appropriate e-books by visiting myon.co.uk. Log in using your child’s username and password (emailed to parents/carers on 11.5.20) so they can begin reading. Mrs Jones will be re-sending myON login details this term in case you have lost them. Get reading!

Wonder Woman Poster and Bookmarks - Gresswell Specialist Resources ...

Dear Leopard class. A letter from Mrs Jones, Miss Cuthbertson and Mrs Winch – 

Dear Leopard class 

And a video from us all here at MPA, to say how much we miss you all. Enjoy! 


Exciting news! Your child is now able to access over 1,000 age-appropriate e-books, personalised to their individual reading ability. Visit myon.co.uk and use your child’s username and password (emailed to parents/carers on 11.5.20) so they can begin reading. Teachers can see whenever a pupil reads and set them individual reading challenges. There is a £10 book token up for grabs for the child from each key stage who reads the most by the end of the year. Get reading!

Wonder Woman Poster and Bookmarks - Gresswell Specialist Resources ...

Home learning activities for w.b. 13th July:

On Thursday 16th July it is ‘Reading together day; a celebration coordinated by The Reading Agency. There will be a shared schedule of events online – for more information, visit https://readingagency.org.uk/news/ It would be great if you could join in with some of the reading challenges 📚

Extension tasks – Ruby’s Worry and daily stories

Home learning schedule Week 7

Maths w.b. 13.7.20

Creative writing w.b. 13.7.20

English w.b. 13.7.20


Molehill reading challenges PDF

w.b. 6.7. 20  Arts Week

Leopard Class Arts Week Challenge

salt dough activity

Maths w.b. 6.7.20

Home learning schedule Week 6

Gaudi word search

Gaudi fact sheet KS1

English w.b. 6.7.20

Design a chimney activity

Carnival comprehension

Salt Dough Recipe

BBC bitesize lessons for Arts Week:






Home learning activities for w.b. 29.6.20

Home learning schedule Term 6 Week 5

English w.b. 29.6.20

Creative writing w.b. 29.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 29.6.20

Maths w.b. 29.6.20

Keep active : My Active Rainbow Challenge

National Sports Week : National Sports Week Activities

Home learning activities for w.b. 22.6.20

Home learning schedule Week 4

English w.b. 22.6.20

Creative writing w.b. 22.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 22.6.20

Maths w.b. 22.6.20

Home learning activities for w.b. 15.6.20

Home learning schedule Term 6 Week 3

English w.b. 15.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 15.6.20

Maths w.b. 15.6.20

Home learning activities for w.b. 8.6.20

Home learning schedule Term 6 Week 2

English w.b. 8.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 8.6.20

Recycling sorting activity

Maths w.b. 8.6.20

Year 1 Place Value

Home learning activities for w.b. 1.6.20

Home learning schedule Term 6 Week 1

English w.b. 1.6.20

Maths w.b. 1.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 1.6.20

Whose skin – guessing game

If you are a member of Leopard class please check your emails for details of our exciting Google Classroom.


Comprehension plan 18.5.20

Inquiry planning 18.5.20

Night Garden comprehension

Special places sorting cards

What is a place of worship 

English plan wb 18.5.30

Maths planning 18.5.20

British coins word mat

100 square

Extra Art challenge! Would you like to take part in a World Record attempt for the biggest online art lesson ever?? Children’s illustrator Rob Biddulph is asking people to join him in a YouTube art lesson at 4pm on 21st May – and all you need is paper and pencils! To take part, you must register first at http://www.robbiddulph.com/draw-with-rob. We would love to see your pictures so please share them with us at leopardclass@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk.

How to draw cartoons: children's illustrator Rob Biddulph's step ...

World Record Attempt: https://www.artworldrecords.com/

Amazing! 45,611 people joined the art lesson on the 21st May with Rob Biddulph – so it was a WORLD RECORD!!

Well done to all who joined in – you can download a certificate from the website above 🙂


Inquiry plan 11.05.20

English wb 11.5.20

Telling stories out loud

Maths plan 11.5.20 Part 1

Maths plan 11.5.20 Part 2

A message from Molehill:


Don’t forget to share photos of your learning with us at leopardclass@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk!

Extra challenges:

VE Day (May 8th) activities-

VE Day inquiry plan

VE Day medal

VE Day diary

Activities for Deaf Awareness Week-

BSL finger spelling

BSL challenge




Maths-w.b. 4.05.20

Inquiry home learning 4.5.20

African animal silhouettes

Fireworks in a Glass experiment

Science Investigation template 


Please use these home learning packs to stay safe on the internet at home. Use the link below:


Life experiences – Fun activities to do at home

Life experiences menu

ART/DT competition

Mascot challenge

Mascot design

This mascot design competition needs to be completed by the 31st May. To enter  email your work to the getset address below:

27/04/20- 1.05.20

*Please scroll to the bottom of this page for some help available for wellbeing and mental health*

Here is some information about online phonics lessons:

Letter to parents and carers about online phonics lesson


This term, we have started a new theme of ‘Sharing the Planet’ so will be thinking a lot about weather and the climate. Here are this week’s inquiry lessons and resources:

Inquiry planning wb 27.4.20

Weather diary 27.4.20

Weather word mat


Each week, we will add a new book to read here, along with comprehension questions from the Reading Rainbow scheme we use at school. Below is this week’s activity. To give you an idea of how we teach comprehension at school, Mrs Jones will be uploading a video of herself telling a story as well.

Comprehension 27.4.20







Maths plans:

Please go to this website – there are questions and answers for your child to answer for this week:


Useful websites for general home learning:

www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize – lots of online learning available here for different subjects including daily challenges.


Here is a story writing competition you might like to have a look at:

https://foundlingmuseum.org.uk/events/story-writing-illustration-competition/. If your child takes part in this competition, we would love to see their work! 

Here are some phonics activities to try:





Earth Day lesson



Inquiry plan wb 20.4.20 (1)

Rousseau artwork

Rousseau question cards

Here are some phonics sound ppts to revise

Phonics revision 3:

long oo 2

short oo

Here’s an online story about Coronavirus:


Here’s some extra English:


Here is an extra booklet which also has lots of home learning activities in it:



Here’s an Easter Bingo challenge for you to try at home!

Here are some Easter activities to try during the Easter holidays.


Year 1 Spring Maths Activity Booklet

Year 1 English spring activtiy booklet

The cautious caterpillar story

All about Easter powerpoint


The Voices Foundation are hosting 10 minute online virtual singing assemblies every day at 1pm.

The link to it is at the bottom of their webpage – https://www.voices.org.uk/

Also, Ollie Tunmer from The Beat Goes on is also hosting daily body percussion sessions on his YouTube channel. Here is the link to his videos –


Wellbeing and mental health

Kent Resilience Hub one place where you can increase your understanding and awareness, find approaches and tools to navigate your way to appropriate support and services relating to resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Young Minds have a parent’s helpline, information and resources 

MindEd is a free educational resource on children and young people’s mental health for all adults 

Get tools and tips to from Internet Matters to support your child’s digital wellbeing on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Mind www.mind.org.uk We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. They have also created a really useful and detailed page on coronavirus and your wellbeing.

Minds Action Children for self-esteem and helping your child.Parents with Confidence  help your child to emotionally regulate

As a parent or carer of a young person, you are extremely influential to their resilience journey visit Draw Your Own Solution for more information.

Public Health England have developed guidance on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus

NHS’ Every Mind Matters website is all about looking after your mental health and wellbeing including information about sleep. Their website also offers an interactive quiz to give you some personal top tips and advice around promoting positive emotional and mental health and wellbeing. This has also been tailored for the Coronavirus outbreak. 

They have also created a variety of useful videos on several different topics:

tips for better sleep

tackle your worries

take control of stress

reframing unhelpful thoughts

social connection

healthy lifestyle

keep learning

NHS have also created a webpage about Mindfulness, which can help improve your mental wellbeing.

Here are some videos of various mindfulness practices that can be undertaken individually or as a family:

Every Mind Matters – progressive muscle relaxation

Headspace – Sunday Scaries | Take a Mindful Walk 

Headspace – Sunday Scaries | A Mini-Meditation on Self-Care

Headspace – Sunday Scaries | A Mini-Meditation for Our Wellbeing this Week

Headspace – STRESSED? Learn to reframe stressful situations with this short meditation

Advice and Information

Covid-19 guidance is for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This provides guidance for parents on what to do if a child shows any of the symptoms or signs.

Family Lives if you’re finding it hard at home with your child and are struggling to cope, call for free, confidential advice on 0808 800 2222.

 NSPCC if you’re worried about the safety of another child in our community, call them on 0808 800 5000. Or call the police on 999 if you think a child is in immediate danger.

Find out how to tackle hate online and online trolls with Internet matters advice guide, what online hate is and how to support your child.

Partnership for Children have produced this worksheet of activities (including growing seeds), which can help with conversations surrounding difficult changes and loss. 

The NHS, Adult Mental Health Service, launched five Safe Havens virtually on Monday 20 April, to provide mental health support to any resident in Kent and Medway. They can help any resident of Kent and Medway aged 16+. If you or anyone you know are feeling distressed, overwhelmed, or that things are too much and don’t know where to turn to get support in the evening, then Safe Haven is here. The emphasis is on reducing immediate distress and supporting people to access services and opportunities available to them in the wider community. They provide one-to-one emotional support from trained mental health professionals. Safe Haven will be providing telephone support only when they open on 20 April 2020 between 6pm and 11pm, 365 days per year. Flyers are available for each location.

‘Fegans’ have set up a family hub which contains articles, ideas, etc. for parents. They have also set up a dedicated forum to help ALL parents during the lockdown. Just ask any question about family life – and their Parents Support Workers will do their best to answer.

To ensure that vulnerable victims of abuse get the support they need at this difficult time, the Domestic Abuse Volunteer Support Service (DAVSS) have expanded their volunteer support services via their helpline – doubling opening hours and providing a named volunteer Advisor, working from home, to support people by telephone for as long as needed. Their helpline 01892 570538 is open Monday – Friday between 10am – 4pm. They continue to accept referrals from partner organisations and self-referrals via their website

The Kent Integrated Domestic Abuse Service is continuing to deliver remote support to individuals and take referrals for all services (although referrals will only be accepted if remote working with the client is possible). They will signpost to other suitable organisations where appropriate or consult on support. Remote working includes using technology and telephone systems to deliver support services.  

Practical Support

Find a foodbank tool using a postcode.

Kent Support and Assistance Service (KSAS) may be able to help you if you are having serious difficulties managing your income due to a crisis or if you are facing exceptional pressures because of an emergency. The support can be accessed via home essentials in a crisis.  There is an understanding is that it is £9 per person per household to spend on shopping – not restricted to food.

There is also help and support available from KCC for families living in Kent. Kent County Council has launched a new 24-hour helpline 03000 41 92 92 and website called Kent Together to support vulnerable people in Kent who need urgent help, supplies or medication. The helpline will provide a single, convenient point of contact for anyone in the county who is in urgent need of help during the Coronavirus outbreak. It is a collaboration between KCC, central Government, District, Borough and local councils, the voluntary and community sector, the NHS, emergency services and other partners to ensure help is at hand for vulnerable people. 

Universal credit support can be found here. Or you can call 0800 328 5644


The Department for Education (DfE) has produced a list of online educational resources to help learning at home, all of which are currently being offered for free. There are also some links for resilience building;  online educational resources


Here are the Maths, English and Inquiry activities for next week which you can use at home.

maths-plan- 30.03.20 – 3.04.20  

English plan 30.3.20 (1)

Inquiry plan 30.3.20 (1)

Easter symbols (1)

Easter card insert

Easter egg template (1)

Here are some extra maths activities that you can also try at home:

Year 1 Home Learning Pack

23.03.20 -30.03.30

All children have a pack provided for them with Phonics, Reading, Maths and written tasks to complete at home:

Letter to parents re learning packs

List of websites:

  • https://khankids.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

  • Phonics is an important part of the Key Stage One Curriculum and supports spelling in year two.  There are lots of interactive and fun games children can access on the website below –


Username: march20

Password: home


  • https://thirdspacelearning.com/blog/home-learning/

  • https://thirdspacelearning.com/blog/home-learning/?utm_campaign=19_03_2020_COVID-19_Parent_Blog&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Pardot&utm_content=button

  • https://www.themathsfactor.com/


Reading at home and sharing stories with your children is so important. To help you support your children with this Amazon has cancelled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link:

Free stories to stream:


Young writer’s program:


PE and fitness

Link for football sessions:


Link for fitness sessions for children:



Joe Wicks has a live stream for fitness at 9am each day.

Mr Plumb has offered a live workout on his facebook page for all children (during school closures).  It will stream live via Facebook and will take place on a Monday and Friday at 1 pm.

The link is:


Nature games:


Term 4 :


This term our theme is ‘Where we are in Time and Place’. Within this topic we will be answering the following questions:

How have women changed over time?

Were men and women always treated equally?

Who was the first woman to climb Everest?

Who is Florence Nightingale and how did she change nursing?

Newsletter Term 4

We have a huge focus on our learner attributes in Leopard Class and throughout the whole academy. We celebrate children when they have shown one of these attributes with learning points/ Dojos and house points.

Term 3:

This term our theme is“How we express ourselves” Within this topic the children will be answering the following questions:

How do we show emotion?

How can we communicate the way that we feel?

How has communication changed over time?

What are materials?

What is the best material for the job?

Please see our Term 3 Newsletter for more information about our learning this term –

Newsletter Term 3

Children in Leopard Class will get a reward for every time they read at home so please remember to read with your child for at least ten minutes every night and write a comment in their reading record.

You may want to take advantage of the Oxford Reading Tree website which has lots of free ebooks that you can read online. https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/oxford-reading-tree-levels/

Please remember to practise the children’s phonics at home- you may find this website useful. https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Class Information

Our class teachers are Mrs Jones and Miss Cuthbertson and our learning support assistant is Mrs Winch.

PE – Monday and Thursday. Please remember to bring PE kits in, they can be left in school until the end of term.

Spellings- Out on Monday, tested on Friday