Homework Expectations

At Molehill Primary Academy, we believe that a good, well-managed homework programme helps children and young people to develop the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning. Homework also supports the development of independent learning skills, and provides parents with an opportunity to take part in their children’s education. (DCFS 2007). The DCFS guidelines on Homework recommend that schools present their view on the purpose, amount and type of homework which should be set for pupils of different ages and the expectations of parents and carers and schools. Our homework expectations have been written with these guidelines taken into consideration.


  • To develop a dialogue between home and school by actively involving parents and carers and enabling them to support their child’s learning.
  • To reinforce and consolidate skills learnt in class.
  • To extend school learning by providing the opportunities for children to explore aspects of their learning in detail.
  • To encourage the development of independent learning, confidence, motivation and good study skills.
  • To help prepare children and develop their organizational skills for the next stage in their education.