Science at Molehill

At Molehill Primary Academy, we aim to give every child the very best start to their education.  The school aims to ensure that science teaching is vibrant and engaging to foster curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm.  Pupils will gain science capital (experiences) and develop specific scientific skills and knowledge from the National Curriculum and the Science Scope and Sequence document (PYP) and develop the habits of active and independent learners. 

The children will develop their learner profiles through science opportunities; they will develop an appreciation and awareness of the world from a scientific standpoint and a sense of responsibility regarding the global impact of human activity. Integral to the subject will be an appreciation of the contribution to science from people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. As part of a multi-agency trust, Molehill works collaboratively with the cluster schools, other schools within the trust and alongside Directors of Improvement.

The children can explore scientific ideas by conducting their own investigations.

At MoleHill Primary Academy we make science as practical and meaningful as possible. This helps the children to see that it is very much a part of daily life.

When possible, we invite visitors to the school or go on trips to enrich our experience of science.

This year we are working towards PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark) which will improve teaching and learning of science even further in our academy. This is a mark of good quality science for our pupils.

Science Vision

We enjoy Science at Molehill and our teachers provide exciting opportunities

Where possible, we link Science to our Transdisciplinary Themes making clear links to our ever changing world. We develop the skills and knowledge to become active independent learners.

cartoon of two people doing science

  • Inquirers – we are curious about Science and want to find out new things. We approach tasks creatively and practically and use different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions about the world.
  • Knowledgeable – We know about many scientific concepts and some of the scientists who discovered them.
  • Thinkers – We think critically  about Science and use our initiative to solve problems when results are unexpected.
  • Communicators We collaborate in Science lessons and share our ideas confidently.
  • Reflective – We think about our work and consider how we could improve next time. We make links with many other areas of our learning and the world around us.
  • Principled – We follow safety instructions in Science and collaborate sensibly with peers.
  • Open- minded – We listen to others and respect their ideas. We are flexible and open to different outcomes.
  • Caring – We care about people, plants and animals and respect them and the environment during Science.
  • Balanced – We look after our minds and bodies and our scientific learning helps us to achieve this.
  • Risk-Takers – We are brave when we approach our practical work and like to try new things. We accept that things can go wrong and that we can learn from them.

Introducing Star and Superstar Scientists at Molehill

We have recently won funding to take part in a really exciting and engaging science scheme run by the British Science Association. The Crest Awards scheme inspires our young people to think and behave like real scientists and engineers. Specially designed activities give children the opportunity to explore everyday problems using science. Home learning investigations and experiments are practical and use resources that are readily available at home so we can get started straight away! Over the coming weeks, teachers will be including these activities from the packs below in Google Classroom and home learning packs.  Please support your child with this and help them to achieve their Star (KS1) or Superstar (KS2) badge and certificate. Who knows what our young scientists will discover.

A young girl is seen serving food out of plastic containers in her home living room.
A graphic image of a father assisting his three children in their learning, by standing behind them supervising.

CREST Awards Update

The children have made a fantastic start on achieving their CREST Awards as part of their home learning. Teachers are delighted by the enthusiasm of children and parents and can see we have a great many budding scientists at Molehill.  Below are some of our Star Scientists (KS1) in action. 

Be Seen and be Safe

For the first challenge was Be Seen and be Safe, the children investigated different materials to see which were most visible in the dark.  This was to help cyclists to be safe at night.

Brilliant Bubbles

The next challenge, Brilliant Bubbles, tasked our young scientists with investigating different shapes and sizes of bubbles. The children found that all bubble makers made round bubbles.

Superstar Scientists

Superstar Scientists in KS2 started with an investigation into the strongest glue that could be made from cooking ingredients. It certainly was A Sticky Problem!

Crafty Rafts

The next investigation for Superstar scientists was Crafty Rafts.  Children investigated which shape boat, made from a single square of paper, could hold the most weight before sinking.

We were all surprised at just how much weight the rafts could take before sinking.

A huge thank you to parents and carers for supporting your children with Crest Awards and gathering resources.