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If you didn’t receive an email then please contact the school office on contactus@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk and ask for the details (as well as confirming we have your current email address on record)

Please email me on this address to ask any questions or send photos of work your child/ren have completed – I can then award them a Dojo (our class reward system)! Take care, Mrs Grierson 🙂    lionclass@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk

Please continue to scroll down this page for links I am adding to support home learning. Thank you!

Videos from Molehill staff:

Keep active:


We miss you:



Activity for the new Lions 2020- 21

Lion Class passport


Optional activities for the summer:

End of year booklet


Phase 3 Activity Booklet

Phase 5 Activity Booklet

Year 1 Summer Maths Activity Booklet


Home learning activities for w.b. 13th July:

On Thursday 16th July it is ‘Reading together day; a celebration coordinated by The Reading Agency. There will be a shared schedule of events online – for more information, visit https://readingagency.org.uk/news/ It would be great if you could join in with some of the reading challenges 📚

Extension tasks – Ruby’s Worry and daily stories

Home learning schedule Week 7

Maths w.b. 13.7.20

Creative writing w.b. 13.7.20

English w.b. 13.7.20

Reading_Together_Treasure_Hunt Molehill reading challenges PDF


Class newsletter:

Lion class newsletter

Card from Mrs Hammond:

W.b. 6.7.20 – Arts Week

Salt Dough Recipe

Carnival comprehension

Design a chimney activity

English w.b. 6.7.20

Gaudi fact sheet

KS1 Gaudi word search

Home learning schedule Week 6

Lion Class Arts Week Challenge

Maths w.b. 6.7.20

salt dough activity


BBC bitesize lessons for Arts Week:








Apologies for the delay in uploading – the website has been down!

Home learning activities for w.b. 29th June:

Home learning schedule Term 6 Week 5

English w.b. 29.6.20

Creative writing w.b. 29.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 29.6.20

Maths w.b. 29.6.20

Keep active: My Active Rainbow Challenge

National Sports Week  – National Sports Week Activities


Home learning activities for w.b. 22nd June:

Home learning schedule Week 4 

English w.b. 22.6.20 

Creative writing w.b. 22.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 22.6.20

Maths w.b. 22.6.20


Home learning activities for w.b. 15th June:

Home learning schedule Term 6 Week 3

English w.b. 15.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 15.6.20

Maths w.b. 15.6.20

Home learning activities for w.b. 8th June:

Home learning schedule Term 6 Week 2

English w.b. 8.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 8.6.20     Recycling sorting activity

Maths w.b. 8.6.20         Year 1 Place Value


Home learning activities for w.b. 1st June:

Home learning schedule Term 6 Week 1

English w.b. 1.6.20

Maths w.b. 1.6.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 1.6.20

Whose skin – guessing game


Young voices have set a ‘Power in me’ challenge.  On the 2nd June at 2:30pm Young Voices are staging a live on-line singalong so spread the word, get signed up and sing along! We have done this song in our singing assemblies, so the children should already be familiar with it!

Half term w.b. 25.5.20

There is no formal work set for this week, but feel free to complete the Half term activities and, as always, send photos to lionclass@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk

Half term activities!

Recipes to try: Balloon Cake Pop Recipe  Caterpillar Salad Recipe  Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe    Crunchy Rainbow Pasta Salad Recipe

You can also continue to scroll down this page for some excellent websites to use to support learning or ‘things to do’.

e.g. Fun and games on http://www.crickweb.co.uk/


World Record Attempt: https://www.artworldrecords.com/

UPDATE: Amazing! 45,611 people joined the art lesson on the 21st May with Rob Biddulph – so it was a WORLD RECORD!!

Well done to all who joined in – you can download a certificate from the website above 🙂

Details for myON:


Exciting new reading resource, myON is available for all children to access hundreds of books online!

There will be a book voucher for the child in each Key Stage who reads the most books by the end of the year and certificates for those children who read 25 books, 50 books, 100 books.

Parent guide to MyON

MyON parent letter

Suggested activities for w/b 18.5.20

English w.b. 18.5.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 18.5.20

Maths w.b. 18.5.20

Fun recipes to try: Owl on Toast Recipe      Bear on Toast Recipe      Chocolate brownie

Suggested activities for w/b 11.5.20

English w.b. 11.5.20

Maths w.b. 11.5.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 11.5.20 part 1

Inquiry plan w.b. 11.5.20 part 2

Fun recipes to try: Rainbow fruit skewers        Joe wicks carrot and apple muffins

Please make sure you download all the files, otherwise not all of the images show on the Word docs. Prefer it in PDF? Email me lionclass@molehillprimaryacademy.org.ukThank you for your continued support!Take care, Mrs Grierson 🙂

Suggested activities for w/b 4.5.20

The following power points have phase 2-5 sounds with (finger crossed) audio so your children can hear the correct pronunciations. These would be good to practise as regularly as possible. *Remember* – To present a power point, click on ‘Slide show’ on the toolbar and then click ‘From the beginning.’ Please let me know if the audio works 🙂 lionclass@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk

Flashcard practice phase 5

Inquiry plan w.b. 4.5.20

Maths w.b. 4.5.20

Friday 8th May marks 75 years since the end of the Second World War. Here are some activities linked to VE day. Would love to see your celebrations – send photos to – lionclass@molehillprimaryacademy.org.uk

  This is how I celebrated – a picnic in the front garden – yum yum!

VE DAY activities

VE Day Powerpoint

Party invite template

Union Jack bunting

Wartime recipes

Deaf awareness week – Finger spelling challenge     How to sign the alphabet in BSL   BSL finger spelling the alphabet poster

Please make sure you download all the files, otherwise not all of the images show on the Word docs. 

Online safety:

Keep safe online with these fun activities. There is even a reward chart included for when you complete an activity!

Home activity pack 1 Home activity pack 2 Home activity pack 3 Home activity pack 4 Reward Chart

Suggested activities for w/b 27.4.20

We are pleased to announce, from Monday 27th April, online phonics lessons are available from Letters and Sounds for home and school, please read the attached letter for more information:

Letter to parents and carers about online phonics lessons

Some of the videos are long, so don’t feel like your child needs to watch it all!

English w.b. 27.4.20

Maths w.b. 27.4.20       Printable ruler

Inquiry plan w.b. 27.4.20

Identifying trees

Please make sure you download all the files, otherwise not all of the images show on the Word docs. Thank you for your continued support!


Suggested activities for w/b 20.4.20:

Explanation for what sound buttons are – Sound buttons
Please make sure you download all the files, otherwise not all of the images show on the Word docs. Thank you for your continued support!
The brilliant Axel Scheffler has produced a book about Covid-19 Coronavirus just for children – and it’s available as a FREE download.
The Gruffalo illustrator worked with consultant Professor Graham Medley, two head teachers and a psychologist to make sure the book got the messages right, answering questions about quarantine, how you can catch the virus and what happens if you get ill.
Publishers Nosy Crow have asked for donations in lieu of payment, to go to our fantastic health workers: www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk/


Easter holidays –  I won’t be setting formal work for the Easter holidays, however, if you do wish to entertain your child/ren then please see the activities and stories below. Any questions or to send in photos of your child’s learning then please email me on the email address at the top of this page.

Easter holiday ideas

All about Easter powerpoint

The cautious caterpillar story

Year 1 English spring activity booklet

Year 1 Spring Maths Activity Booklet

Time capsule idea

Missing weekly spellings? Choose 5 a week from this list to learn – the common exception words children should be able to read and spell by the end of year 1! Spellings


Suggested activities for w/b 30.3.20: 

English w.b. 30.3.20

Maths w.b. 30.3.20

Inquiry plan w.b. 30.3.20

Please make sure you download all the files, otherwise not all of the images show on the Word docs. Thank you for your continued support! 

I am going to create a selection of power points revising Phonics we have covered so far, as I think it will be most beneficial to consolidate learning rather than introduce new sounds, as Lion Class are at different points with their learning. These slides revise Phase 3 and 4:

Phonics revision 1 

Phonics revision 2

Some help with pronunciation of sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCI2mu7URBc


Learning packs for w/b 23.3.20 : 

All children who attended school in the final days before closure were sent home with Learning packs and they have been made available to collect from the office since then. They include Phonics, Reading, Maths and written tasks to complete, along with additional websites to use, see letter:

Letter to parents re learning packs


Phonics is an important part of the Key Stage One Curriculum and supports spelling when children go in to year two.  We follow the Letters and Sounds programme at Molehill, http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/

Some children in Lion class were working through Phase 3, whereas others had been working through Phase 5 – we were looking at alternative pronunciations, most recently the alternative pronunciation for ‘e’ – ‘ea’ can make an ‘ee’ sound like in beach, but an ‘e’ sound in bread.

There are lots of interactive and fun games children can access on the website below –


Username: march20

Password: home



Please continue to read to and with your children every day – there are so many benefits!  Amazon has cancelled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages, all stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link:    https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

You may want to take advantage of the Oxford Reading Tree website which has lots of free ebooks that you can read online.  https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Click on ‘My Class Login – Username: Lion17            Password: LionClass

Oxford Reading tree – guide to finding decodable books – Use this guide to help you find appropriate books for your child.

Oxford Owl can also offer support with Phonics : https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/learn-to-read-phonics/

Image result for the twits Our current class reader is The Twits by Roald Dahl (as the children loved George’s Marvellous Medicine so much) If you have a copy of this or can get one then it would be great if you could continue reading from where I got to – chapter 17  – The Great Upside down Monkey Circus.

7 Top Tips to support reading at home





Also remember to keep playing timestables rockstars using your logins.



These sites are offering resources and support for home learning:

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/  (We follow White Rose Maths at school)




Twinkl is an amazing website with a wealth of resources and ideas:


As is the BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize


PE activities: 

Please use the following links to access some PE based activities you can access at home.

Link for football sessions:  http://www.facebook.com/EMCacademy

Joe Wicks the Body coach will be completing a live PE lesson at 9am through his youtube channel –


Warm up ideas

Joe Wicks PE cards

You can also access fun activities to complete at home through the resources section on the get set website –


Andy from CBeebies has also made some fun animal workout videos. Please check the link below for these –



Well-being and mental health

Kent Resilience Hub one place where you can increase your understanding and awareness, find approaches and tools to navigate your way to appropriate support and services relating to resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Young Minds have a parent’s helpline, information and resources 

MindEd is a free educational resource on children and young people’s mental health for all adults 

Get tools and tips to from Internet Matters to support your child’s digital wellbeing on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Mind www.mind.org.uk We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. They have also created a really useful and detailed page on coronavirus and your wellbeing.

Minds Action Children for self-esteem and helping your child.

Mindfulness challenge cards


Nature games:




The Voices Foundation are hosting 10 minute online virtual singing assemblies every day at 1pm. The link to it is at the bottom of their webpage – https://www.voices.org.uk/
Also, Ollie Tunmer from The Beat Goes on is also hosting daily body percussion sessions on his YouTube channel.

Term 5:

Mrs Grierson is our teacher and Miss Curtis is the class LSA Monday – Thursday and Mrs Marno is the LSA on Fridays. This term we were going to go on to the new transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the planet .

We have a huge focus on our learner attributes in Lion Class and throughout the whole academy. We celebrate children when they have shown one of these attributes with learning points (Dojos), house points and a star on our wall to document what they have said or done.

Times table Rock stars:

We have sent home the children’s times table rock star logins. I hope the children enjoy learning their times tables. There will be weekly school based competitions  – let’s make Lion class the KS1 winners!

Key class information:

Class teacher– Mrs Grierson
Learning Support Assistants – Miss Curtis (Mon – Thurs) Mrs Marno (Fri)
Spelling homework – Out on a Friday and tested the following Friday. Though, whilst schools are closed for the majority, pleased learn 5 words a week from this list Spellings