National Sports Week is coming up!

The 20th – 26th June is going to be full of sporting activities for the children at Molehill. There are lots of resources online for children working from home and the children working in the hubs at school will be taking part in the challenges too.

Please see the attached press release as we have teamed up with the Youth Sports Trust and Sky Sports so that we have lots of resources for you to access.

Our challenge:

Fill in your plan (see attached) of the activities you choose to do – CHALLENGE others in your family and plan how you will CAPTURE your task.
Complete an activity (of your choice) each day of the week.
Record your three attempts on the score sheet attached.
COLLECTIVE CHALLENGE – think about how you could work together with family
REFLECT on the task (what went well, what could you improve on).

STAY SAFE WHILE HAVING FUN – see the attached to make sure you are.

SHOUT ABOUT IT – tell us how you have got on on here – you could even take a photo of you score sheet each day and upload it. Be proud of what you have done.

If all the family are taking part and your parents have access to social media they could tell the world about your efforts with these tags:

(If you are not able to print this then you could draw your own sports score card following the one on here.)

Good luck with it and I hope to see some fantastic results from you all.

NSSW 2020 PR – School & School Partnerships YST_NSSW_Activities YST_NSSW_Parents