Home Learning

Home Learning


At Molehill Primary Academy we set all home learning via the Google Classroom. In September all children are added to their new Google classroom for that academic year. Google Classroom is used regularly within school with the aim for children to be able to independently access their home learning tasks when away from school.

Home learning is shared via the Google Classroom as a Google slides document. Google slides is a presentation software where children work through different slides to complete their learning. Within each slide there will be links to different reading, watching and recording task. In the top corner of each slide you will see the following symbols which represent the type of task children will be asked to complete –

Reading task – the children are required to complete some reading linked to their learning.

Watching task – The children are required to watch a video linked to or sharing the learning they will be completing.

Recording task – The children are required to complete some recorded work which will be shared via a link within the slide.


Setting home learning

Home learning will be set by teachers each Monday with a return date of the following Monday. Children are able to hand in their learning at any point during the week.