Academy Uniform

Whilst the uniform has been tightened (not changed) in order to ensure high standards and and to avoid expense for parents, should any family feel that they cannot provide the correct uniform they must contact the relevant Persons at Molehill: The Principal, Mrs L Smith, the Vice Principal, Mrs Jones or the Pupil Support Worker, Mrs Hammond.

Molehill Primary Academy Uniform

  • Dark grey (NOT black) trousers (NOT leggings or jeans) or pinafore/ skirt*
  • White polo shirt – plain – no logos or writing
  • Academy navy blue sweatshirt with logo (available from the Academy Office)
  • Black shoes – heel to be no higher than 1.5cm
  • White socks – girls
  • Grey socks – boys
  • Grey tights
  • Hair- all hair for boys and girls longer than the shoulder will be tied up with a plain band.

* There are times when children sit cross-legged on the floor. Skirts must be long and loose enough that girls can do this comfortably.

Physical Education

Academy uniform includes clothing required for PE lessons. Each Academy has chosen a PE kit that is practical, comfortable and appropriate to the activity involved. Sex and race discrimination issues have also been considered.  As with the regular Academy uniform, the governing body has considered the cost to parents when deciding on a policy for PE kit. Pupils must be able to remove their earrings before taking part in PE lessons.

Molehill Primary Academy PE Kit

  • Plain T-shirt in their house colour – no logos, writing or pictures
  • Blue shorts
  • Suitable sports trainers – not fashion trainers
  • Dark blue tracksuit (outdoor wear for winter)

Breaching Uniform Policy

If a pupil deliberately breaks the academy rules regarding uniform, a range of sanctions will operate, depending on whether the breach is a first, or recurrent, offence. Pupils should not be made to feel uncomfortable, nor discriminated against, because their parents cannot provide them with the correct uniform.

Pupils not conforming to the uniform policy will be sent home to change. Parents/carers should consult the Pupil Support Worker (P.S.W.), Vice Principal, or Principal, if there is an issue.