Breakfast Club


On Tuesday 27th November a group of Molehill students were lucky enough to attend an award ceremony at the Houses of Parliament. We travelled by train to London and caught a taxi to the Houses of Parliament. The ceremony took place in a huge hall which extended out into a big palace. We were told about this during our tour of the Parliament buildings. Out of 500 schools, 12 were chosen as regional winners and got to attend the award ceremony. It was a really special day for all involved and I felt honoured to be there on behalf of Molehill Primary Academy.

Samuel Eades Kestrel class

As winners of Kellogg’s best Breakfast club in the South East of England we got to attend the award ceremony at The Houses of Parliament, otherwise known as the Palace of Westminster. In the morning we were shown round the Palace and learned some amazing things like; there are three houses in the palace. If the carpets are green you are in the House of Lords, if the carpets are red you are in the House of Commons and if the carpets are blue this is the Royal house and only Kings or Queens get to go there. We found out about the history of all the royal families who lived in the palace. My favourite part of the day was when they announced our school and we all went up and accepted the award. We got our photograph taken with the Managing Director of Kellogg’s. We all had the opportunity to hit a giant Piñata that was full of ‘I’m a breakfast superstar’ badges and red stars. I had a great day and would encourage everybody to go and see the Houses of Parliament.

Dolina Domingos Eagle class

On Tuesday 27th November I went to the Houses of Parliament for the 20th Kellogg’s Breakfast Club awards. We got there by train which was fun because it was my first time on a train. When we arrived and got through the security checks we went to the café where I had the best hot chocolate and chocolate cake I had ever had. We then went on a tour of the Houses of Parliament and we learned about the different houses and how you knew where you were by the colour of the carpets and that the roof was over 1,000 years old. It was really exciting when we received our award with all the other schools from all over the country. It was an amazing day.

Skye Taylor Kestrel class

Molehill Primary Academy have a thriving Breakfast Club which runs every morning from 8am. Children can choose from a healthy variety of food: 4 or 5 cereals; fruit; yoghurts; cheese; toast and toppings; variety of fruit juices.

Thanks to a grant from Kellogg’s and support from Fareshare we have been able to keep the cost of Breakfast Club at 50p per day or £2.00 per week. Applications have been made for further support but if this is not received then the cost will have to increase. Watch this space for further information.

Children have a wide range of activities to choose from each morning from crafts, games, colouring, toys. There is also a daily programme as shown below.

BC Programme

Breakfast Club