Speech and Language Resource Provision at Molehill Primary Academy.

The Speech and Language Provision at Molehill Primary Academy is for a maximum of 10 children (in September 2019 4 places will be commissioned) who have an identified speech and/or language need.  Pupils will typically have a diagnosis of either Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), a language disorder associated with a biomedical condition or a speech disorder.

Children with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) who have a speech and/or language impairment identified as their primary area of need may be eligible for a place in the provision. Their needs are considered against our entry arrangements and in consultation with the Local Authority.

Early intervention makes a real difference to children with this type of need. They might have speech that is hard to understand, struggle to form words or sentences, not understand words they hear or have difficulties in using language to talk to others in a conversation.

Language disorders carry the potential for children to become isolated from their peers. Appropriate and timely intervention is vital for children with these speech and language difficulties and our resource based provision is well placed to meet this area of need.

The children spend part of their day in the provision classroom, working with our provision teacher and/or teaching assistant, or with an NHS speech and language therapist. The children join their mainstream class for some lessons each day and are with their friends at break times, so that they benefit from the independent learning and social opportunities that these activities bring. As spending time in their mainstream class is integral to our provision, there are no more than two unit places allocated to each year group.

If you would like your child to be considered for a place in our unit, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with our entry arrangements and speak to your child’s SEN Assessment and Placement Officer within the KCC SEN department. We recognise the importance of parents being able to make informed decisions about their child’s education and therefore we invite parents to visit our school to see what we are able to offer. Please contact the school office on 01622 751729 to make an appointment.