Sports Premium 2020-2021

The government is providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding has been provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools. 

Our curriculum’s key principles are:

  • Pupil Led Learning 
  • Inspiring & Engaging 
  • Preparation for the Future 
  • Teamwork 

We believe that sports education should help nurture and equip children for the future. It should support pupils in developing values such as:

  • Responsibility 
  • Independence 
  • Resilience 
  • Self-motivation 
  • Respect, care and consideration 
  • Achieve their personal best 

It should support pupils in developing skills such as:

  • Communication and presentation 
  • Social interaction 
  • Confidence and high self-esteem 
  • Motivation and aspiration 
  • Leadership and team work 

Sport should be fun and fully inclusive regardless of sporting ability or SEND need. Aims The aim of the funding is to:

  • Increase participation rates in sport 
  • Provide competition school sports 
  • Ensure provision is inclusive, wide ranging and provides alternative sporting activities 
  • Ensure effective partnerships and links with other school and the local community 
  • Link sport with other areas of the curriculum 
  • Provide greater awareness about the dangers of activities that undermine pupils’ health. 

The current range of provision includes:

  • Strong links with local schools through Sports Festivals and Tournaments 
  • Competitive Sport 
  • Provision of the recommended 2 hours of sport per week 
  • A wide range of after school sports clubs 
  • Skilled teachers delivering 2 hrs. of sports education plus after school clubs 
  • A wide range of sports taught through the curriculum including team and individual events. 

Future provision will also include:

  • Continue to provide opportunities for intra sport competition at individual and team level (school house competition) e.g. Cross Country Championships
  • Continue to provide inter sport competition with other schools. 
  • Continue to improve sporting facilities and resources 
  • Develop staff skills in monitoring and assessing pupil skills in PE 
  • Subsidising after school sports provided by professional coaches to enable pupils to attend more clubs.

2020-2021 – Sports Premium Expenditure – £18,420

Action Success CriteriaImpactCost

Purchase Greenacre Scheme of work

Classes are taught using the scheme to allow for continuation of curriculum through the year groups. Used to support the CPD of less confident members of staff.

Purchase a second sound system that is portable

Children able to access music for dance lessons, yoga, after school clubs, breakfast club sports activities and outdoor sports events

Continue to improve the range of sporting after school clubs
More children are able to attend a wider range of sports clubs, including Gymnastics, cricket, football.

Purchase of new equipment for these activities
Attend the PE conference PE lead to attend the annual PE conference £150 + supply costs

Purchase of new PE equipment, including equipment for lunchtime and after school activities
Pupils will have access to a range of high quality equipment during PE lessons and after school sessions

Purchase of new wooden folding climbing equipment for the hall
New Equipment includes:
New goals (KS1 and KS2)
Balance beam
Hockey pucks
Small balls
Soft balls


Introduce the school to a new activity - Boules
Build 2 boules pits on the field (T4)
Purchases sets of boules.
Pupils to use during lessons, playtimes, lunchtimes and after school clubs

Transport to a wide variety of sporting events

To enable teams and individuals to attend a range of sporting competitions and events

Continue to improve the range of sporting after school clubs.

More children are able to attend a wider range of sports clubs, including Gymnastics, cricket, football, boxing.

£1000 (+possible funding from government for outside coaches)

Purchase a rage of safety equipment for cycling proficiency.
Enable more children to take part in the cycling proficiency training as many do not take part due to the safety requirements.

Need helmets in a range of sizes/adjustable, bike pumps, knee and elbow pads.

Extra swimming lessons for Year 5 pupils to teach all pupils basic lifesaving skills and to ensure that they can swim 25m by end of year 6.
All children will be able to perform basic lifesaving as required by the National Curriculum.
To attempt to catch up from last years loss of learning time in the pool due to COVID closures.
Challenger Troop to take 6 week course with a focus on courage, discipline, integrity, loyalty, selfless commitment and respect.

Year 3 to take advantage of this to help catch up on missing out on the majority of year 2 PE. Teaching fundamental team skills to prepare them for future competitions.