Swattenden Residential 2016-2017

What a scorcher! During the hottest week of the year Molehill Primary Academy packed up their Year 6 children and left for Swattenden. The week was jam packed with activities that would have you quaking in your boots. The team work, motivation and support from each child was phenomenal.

The children took part in abseiling, rock climbing, zip wires, water challenges, built camp fires, plus many more challenges which each of them faced head on and over-came some fears that they never knew they had. All of this was completed on very little sleep…(poor Mr Harris and Miss Hurley-Gale).

Each child played a role in the safety of their teammates as they took charge of the ropes and made sure that they were responsible for a safe return to ground. They even took  the lives of Mrs Brierley, Miss Hurley-Gale and Mr Harris in their hands and we are pleased to say that we are here to tell the tale.

Molehill knew we had a fantastic group of children in Year 6 but it is safe to say that the staff had as much fun as the children. They were an absolute joy to be with, the development and progress that each child made during their time away made the sleepless nights worth it.

Thank you Class of 2016, we will miss you but what a sendoff that was!

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