Fox Class


Welcome back to Term 2. Please see our newsletter below which gives you information about this term’s learning.


This term we are taking part in a series of workshops; Project Salus.  The programme focuses on the children’s wellbeing in a fun and engaging way.  This will be particularly useful during the current pandemic.
  Group reading outdoors!          We made models of the digestive system.

Taking risks in the woods.

  Remembrance Day art.

Friday 27th November

Good morning everyone. It’s Friday already! Keep working hard and I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.  Best wishes, Miss Miller.  


Learning points can be exchanged for prizes.

Spellings for this week: automatic, autopilot, autobiography, autograph, autonomy  

The prefix ‘auto’ means ‘self’.   Here are the definitions:

Revise: thought, through, different

Topic words to learn:

tectonic plates

volcano  volcanoes




Grammar: Using adverbs with inverted Commas.  

Punctuating Speech Friday 27th November

We can use adverbs and synonyms to explain HOW the speaker is saying the words. This makes our writing much more interesting. Look at the adverbs on the link below (the ones under HOW) and the synonyms on the second link for ‘said’.


Copy each sentence but find a synonym for ‘said’ and an adverb to make the conversation more interesting.

Mum said to Dad, “What was that noise?”

Dad said, “It came from upstairs.”

Mum said, “Do you think Tomas is O.K?”

Dad said, “I’ll take a look.”

Dad climbed the stairs and said, “Is everything alright in there Tomas?”

Remember what was happening in Tomas’s bedroom.  Tomtom was chasing the baby dragon.  Reread the text from yesterday if you are not sure (it is just underneath here).  Write the conversation between Dad and Tomas when he enters the bedroom.  Remember, you need a new line for each speaker.  Use speech punctuation, synonyms and adverbs.


MATHS – column subtraction

Watch this video to remind you:

Complete the sheet that is best for your ability.  You need to write the sum out in the correct place value columns with a – sign at the side.  Remember to draw lines for your total box.

The sheets get harder as you go down the list.

Sheet 1 


Sheet 2


Sheet 3


Sheet 4


Practise your times tables.


Use dartboard multiplication.  The link is below.

Comprehension – Vipers Retrieval

Read pages 1 and 2 and answer the questions that follow.

Recycling week comprehension.

Recycling week this year was in September but this comprehension will help you with the next task.


Eco Squad is holding a competition in school.  You must bring your poster in with you on Monday the 30th of November when you return. 

The poster is about recycling and winners will be awarded a prize and their posters displayed around the school. Below are some ideas to help you.



On Monday the 30th of November, we are going to be making Christmas cards to send to Ashley Gardens Care Home. The choir cannot sing for the residents this year, so we thought that by sending our cards we could still wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’.

Plan your design at home and bring it to school on Monday so that we can use card, colours and glue etc to make them.

Remember to keep using MyON and TTRockstars.  See you all very soon.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller.