Fox Class

Fox Class


Welcome back to everyone after the long summer holidays.  The children have settled back really quickly and have an exciting first term ahead of them.  For details, please see our first newsletter below.

Kind regards,

Miss Miller, Mrs Eades and Mrs Lange

FOX TERM 1 Letter

We have been making models to show the different parts of our digestive system.

Warburton’s visited Fox Class to teach us about the history of their factory and healthy eating that includes bread. We all made a healthy sandwich!

For our Fabulous Finish we made sets of human teeth using our knowledge of the different types of teeth and their function.

Welcome to Term 2. Please see the newsletter below.

FOX TERM 2 Letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and the children are ready to do their best in Term 3.  For information about this term, please see the newsletter below.  We hope everyone will have a fun and productive term 3.

FOX TERM 3 Letter

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to Term 4.  Please see our newsletter below with details of your child’s learning this term.

FOX TERM 4Letter (1)

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you are all well and have had some time to look through your child’s homeworking pack.  Please remember to log in to Google Classroom for further tasks and resources.  There is now a shared Year 4 Classroom that will include daily lessons.  Please contact school over the next 2 weeks if you have any queries.  Remember to read regularly with your child (a class reader will soon be featured in Google Classroom.  Below is a link that gives advice on maths learning for each year group which you may also find useful.


Best wishes,

Miss Miller and Mrs Eades

Google Classroom

If you are struggling to log on to Google Classroom please see the file below for step-by-step instructions.  If you continue to have difficulties, please contact the school by email.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller

Joining a Google classroom


Good morning,

Please see the link below for free access to decodable books at home.  These are free Oxford Owls ebooks –https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/books/free-ebooks/

TT Rockstars

Unfortunately, there have been some problems with hacking issues and Mrs Russell our maths coordinator would like children to read her message below:

If you were the child who logged into someone else’s account and spent their money or changed their avatar or stats, then you should be as upset with yourself as the person’s who’s money you’ve spent. A good rockstar is an honest rockstar and that sort of behaviour is dishonest. You should promise to yourself to not do that again and say sorry to the other person who worked hard to earn that money.

We should all be being kind to each other during these difficult times. Mrs Russell.

I hope you are all keeping safe,

Miss Miller   30/3/20

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you are all well and the children are working through their home packs or accessing Google Classroom (or both).  From 20th April, we will be using the Fox Classroom on Google rather than the shared Year 4 one. In addition, I will be posting work here on our class page for those who are finding it difficult to use/access Google Classroom. Below is a Covid 19 time capsule activity for the children to do over the holidays.  If you cannot print it out, it can be done in their school book. Please can you pass this message on to anyone from the class that you are in contact with.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller 3/4/20

2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets

Good morning,

I hope everyone is well and keeping safe. I have a few extra ideas from Miss Hurley-Gale and Miss Butchers that I’m sure the children will enjoy.  Miss Hurley-Gale has set up a PE Classroom with fun activities; joining code rvslupu and Miss Butchers has found some fabulous music activities.  The links below take you to these.

https://www.voices.org.uk/      This takes the form of a daily assembly at 1pm.


Daily body percussion – get the whole family involved!!!

Best wishes,

Miss Miller


Good afternoon everyone. I hope you all managed to have an enjoyable Easter and that everyone is well.

This week, the children will be answering reading comprehension questions on The Fantastic Mr Fox, interviewing someone they know and writing a biography and following White Rose Maths. The maths lessons are White Rose, Year 4, Summer Term, week 1, Tenths and Hundredths. The maths has a video lesson, worksheet (answers can be written in exercise books) and an answer sheet for marking.

Reading comprehension – this covers a 3 week period to Friday 8/5/20.  However, please encourage the children to read additional material and if they have time, write a book review.

Writing – Monday 20th April to Friday 24th April

Maths – 5 lessons Mon 20th to Friday 24th April.

If you cannot access any of the material, please ensure children are reading and learning times tables.  They could also write a story of their own choice.



Free online book – Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox chapter 1-5 Q T2-E-889-




Write a life story








Use the link below to access White Rose. Select Year 4, Summer, Week 1


I hope everyone has a good week.

Best wishes and keep safe,

Miss Miller

PROJECT – Roman Britain

There are some excellent videos and resources on BBC Bitesize. Try to complete a project on Roman Britain (NOT EMPIRE).


Select: Primary, KS2, History, British History, Roman Britain.

Remember to include pictures!  There is no time limit.

Also, there is a Google Classroom for art:

Joining code –    6gn325v

Keep safe,

Miss Miller

Thursday 23/04/20

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the sunshine.  I have attached a range of extra resources below to keep everyone busy.  These are for you to select from.  Choose some of the tasks that you need to practise and some activities that you will enjoy.

Keep working hard and keep safe,

Best wishes,

Miss Miller

Times table games

Sight and Sound Writing Prompts Activity Sheets

The Mystery of the Missing Horse

The Mystery of the Missing Horse – Answers

States of Matter Crossword Home Learning Task

Year 4 Spring-Themed Maths Activity BookletFiction Revision Mat

Year 4 Spring-Themed Maths Activity Booklet – Answers

Reading Revision Mat Guidance

Poetry Revision Mat

Non Fiction Revision Mat

Fiction Revision Mat


Sound Survey




Dear Foxes,

We hope you are keeping safe and well. Please see our letter below,

Best wishes,

Miss Miller and Mrs Eades 24/04/20

Dear Fox Class April 2020

Sunday 26th April 

Good afternoon Fox Class,

I hope you are all well and keeping busy. Please see next week’s timetable below (the comprehension questions are on the sheet above from last week).

Timetable 27th April 2020

Higher Level Vocabulary Fiction Word Mat 1

Story Starter

story map

Monday Rabbit hole images

Tuesday Missing Speech Marks

WED Using-Different-Types-of-Conjunctions-Differentiated-Worksheets-_ver_7


Remember, to use TTRockstars and any of the extra sheets above.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller

Monday 27th April 2020

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is keeping well.  See the special message at the link below.


Hope you enjoyed it!

Best wishes,

Staff at Molehill.


Hi Thomas,

Your friends in Fox Class have heard that you have not been well. We are so glad to hear that you are now on the mend.

Best wishes,


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning,

I hope we are all still keeping well.  Miss Hurley-Gale wondered if some of you may be interested in taking part in a virtual marathon.  See the link below for this exciting challenge. There is a small charge (£2.99) involved but you will receive a medal and certificate at the end!


Also, you may wish to try some art from the following site:


Best wishes,

Miss Miller

Thursday 30th April

Good Morning Foxes,
I hope you are all well. Tomorrow I will post answers to the first 2 chapters of Fantastic Mr Fox so try and complete this part so you can mark it. Captain Tom is 100 today! I have attached some interesting reading about him. See if you can find out how much money he has raised, what he has raised it for, and what special events took place on his birthday.
Mrs Eades and I are missing you all very much so have a good day and stay safe.
Best wishes,
Miss Miller

Captain Tom Moore Resource – April 2020

Good Morning Foxes,
I am going to post the answers to chapters 1 and 2 of Fantastic Mr Fox later so if you haven’t done them yet, please try to read these chapters and answer the questions about them. The link to give you the complete text of Mr Fox is below.
Best wishes,
Miss Miller  1st May 2020



Please see the youtube video above to help you access the Fox Google Classroom. The class code is lvcjpop (all lower case letters – the first letter is lower case L).

Many thanks,

Miss Miller

MR FOX answers chpt 1 and 2

Here are the first set of comprehension answers:

Fantastic Mr Fox chapter 1-2 ANSWERS

Have a great weekend,

Miss Miller

Good afternoon Foxes (Sunday 3rd May),

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Below is next week’s work.

There will be two groups. Group A: Thomas, Kyle, Archie-Lee, Kayden, Kacey and Vincent.  Group B: Children not mentioned above.

Group A

Roald Dahl Comprehension


Life experiences menu

The link below takes you to Top Marks maths games. Mrs Eades is managing this and would like you to focus on your 3 and 4 times tables (beyond if you can).  If the link does not work, simply google Top Marks.  Mrs Eades would like you to use Hit the Button but also a game called Maths Fishing. You have to catch a fish and then answer the times table questions correctly to reel in your fish!  Please could your grown-ups do a timed test with you at the end of the week and post the results on Google Classroom if possible.


Group B

Timetable 4th May 2020

Y4-Unit Story Three Wishes

Fronted-Adverbials-3 wishes


Best wishes,

Miss Miller

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good morning Foxes,

I hope you are all well. I am sure at this time, we are all using the Internet much more to keep in touch and access work. Please see the following sheets/ activities to help you stay safe online.





Also, please see the beautiful card below from Mrs Hammond.


Here are some clay sculptures made by Tegan and teachers at the Childcare Hub.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller


Young Voices are staging a live on-line singalong on the 2nd June at 2:30 pm so spread the word, get signed up and sing along! 🎤🎶

See the links below to take part in this wonderful opportunity from home.




Children Choir Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Hello everybody,

I hope you have an enjoyable VE day. Below are some resources to give you further information about this important event including songs and music from this time.



Picture News Special Resource – VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020 (1)

VE Day 75th Anniversary Resource – April 2020 (2)

Best wishes,

Miss Miller

Good afternoon Foxes,   (Sunday 10th May)

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the weekend.  Keep working hard, even if you cannot upload your work (I can check it when we return). Below is next week’s work.  Check the top of the timetable to see if you are group A.  Most children are group B. Stay safe and remember to comment on Google Classroom.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller


Timetable 11th May 2020 Group A

May I stay at the zoo comp

The Greedy Boy comp


Story Word Doc



Timetable 11th May 2020


Monday story map

Higher Level Vocabulary Fiction Word Mat 1 Higher Level Vocabulary Fiction Word Mat 1

Chapter 6-10 fantastic mr fox Q









Good afternoon,

I hope everybody is well and keeping safe.  I have added some times table sheets for Group A.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller 11th May 2020

Good morning Foxes,
I hope you are all well and keeping busy.
Yesterday, my sister’s cat went missing. Simba is only 10 months old so the family were really worried. They searched for him and found that he had climbed onto a roof and couldn’t get down. Here are the pictures of the Fire Service rescuing him!
Hope you all have a great day.

Best wishes,
Miss Miller Tuesday 12th May

Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Foxes,
I hope you are all keeping busy and writing those stories. Also, please see the exciting Art Lesson that will be taking place soon – you could become part of a world record! I will email full details to parents today. Also, I hope you have had a chance to look at all of the books available on MyOn. There is a £10 book token prize for the child who reads the most in each Key Stage by July! Stay safe Foxes,
Best wishes,
Miss Miller

Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning Foxes,
What a lovely sunny day. I hope you are all well and completing some work if you can. I was delighted to see that you have been using MyOn already – it’s got some fabulous books to enjoy.  I have added some pictures of items that you could make at home for your project. Have a great day and stay safe.
Best wishes,
Miss Miller

Displaying image (4).pngRoman shield

Displaying image (3).png Mosaic

Displaying image (2).pngRoman villa

Sunday 17th May 2020

Good afternoon Fox Class. I hope you are all well. Next week, I would like Group A and B to complete the Lockdown Interview. You could write your own answers or actually interview a friend or family member. Ask an adult to help you with spellings if you get stuck. You could even do this as a video like Molly if you prefer.
This week, I have included picture comprehensions for Group A and B to discuss with an adult or sibling or to record your answers. In addition, please start reading the wonderful books on MyON.
For art, you could make a Roman shield, mosaic or villa as shown further up the page. I hope you are putting together your Roman Britain projects; there is lots of information on BBC Bitesize to help (text and video).
Take care,
Miss Miller



pic comp 1 Whose bedroom is this


Maths Group A

A superhero-missing-numbers-activity-sheet



Try this fun game to help:


Group B Maths

For maths, Group B will be using the link to Oaks Academy Year 4 Maths. The lessons start on area and perimeter and then move on to measure. There are 10 lessons with videos and worksheets; try to do one each day. If you find the lessons easy, move through them more quickly than one each day.


Good Morning Foxes (Monday 18th May).

I hope you are all well. See the link below for some fun activities based around David Walliams’s books.

Have a great day and try to get some of your schoolwork done.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller


Good morning Foxes, (Wednesday 20th May)

I hope you are all well today.  Below is a discussion and writing task with a very familiar character.  Try to complete it and draw your own wolf.

Best wishes,

Miss Miller

Mr Wolf

Thursday 21st May

Good morning Foxes,
I hope you are all well and ready to do some school work on this bright sunny morning.  You could start work on some of the Roman Britain artefacts (see the pictures above) and conduct some research (BBC Bitesize is excellent)! Maybe you would like to make a Roman child’s outfit (see below).
Best wishes,
Miss Miller
See BBC Bitesize, KS2, History, Roman Britain

Ancient Rome Cartoon Character Of Girl Wearing Traditional Costume ...Ancient Rome Cartoon Character Of Boy Wearing Traditional Costume ...

Tuesday 26th May 

Good morning Foxes. I hope you are all well and having some fun – this is usually half term! There is a new video attached below to help you keep fit during Lockdown. Also, any budding writers may wish to enter the writing competition detailed below but be quick, it ends on Thursday. You could win £200 worth of book tokens!
Best wishes,
Miss Miller




TIMETABLE – 1st June 2020

Dear Foxes,
Below is the timetable for next week. You need to read the timetable daily to find out about the expected activities. Everyone is doing the same work where possible except for maths; Group A will complete the sheets below. Write the title for each Group A sheet in your book (see at the top of each sheet) and put the questions and answers in your book. You will not be able to do some of the tasks such as colouring unless you can print the sheets off. Also, they are American so you need to change ‘cents c’ to ‘pence p’. Answers will be uploaded on Friday.  All necessary resources are below under the date that they will be needed.
Best wishes,
Miss Miller
Group A – Maths
Monday 1st June
Tuesday 2nd June

year 4 tuesday maths

TUES WEBLPresentation Classifying Vertebrates

The activity sheet above is page 18 on the Power Point.


Wednesday 3rd June

year 4 wednesday maths

Comprehension Tuesday to Friday

Word Mat WED

WEB Presentation Invertebrate Hunt

WEDActivity Sheet Invertebrate Hunt

WED WEBThe Roman Invasion of Britain

WED fact sheet

Thursday 4th June

year 4 thursday maths (1)

Comprehension Tuesday to Friday

THURS WEB Presentation Classification Keys

THURSClassification Activity Pack

THURSClassification Activity Pack2

Friday 5th June

Book Review

Friday Mosaics


TIMETABLE – 8th June 2020

Dear Foxes,
Below is the timetable for this week. You will need to read the timetable daily to find out about the expected activities. Everyone is doing the same work where possible except for maths; Group A will complete the general skills booklet attached below and Group B will complete daily White Rose Maths sheets on fractions. Write the title for each sheet in your book and put the questions and answers in your book.  All other necessary resources are linked in the timetable or attached below.
Anglo Saxons and Scots reading comprehension (08.06) anglo saxons and scots
Science Sound Survey (11.06) Sound Survey
Remember to keep using MyON for reading and sign in to Google Classroom!
STEM has made the following topics available at home. There are some really exciting activities together with stories and amazing facts.
Environment                                        Space
Dinosaurs                                            Structures
Best wishes,
Miss Miller

TIMETABLE – 15th June 2020

Dear Foxes,
Below is the timetable for this week. You will need to read the timetable daily to find out about the expected activities. Everyone is doing the same work where possible except for maths; Group A will complete the general skills booklet attached below and Group B will complete daily White Rose Maths sheets on decimals. Write the title for each sheet in your book and put the questions and answers in your book.  All other necessary resources are linked in the timetable or attached below.

TIMETABLE – 22nd June 2020

Hello Fox Class,
Below is the timetable for this week. You will need to read the timetable daily to find out about the expected activities. Write the title for each sheet in your book and put the questions and answers in your book.  All other necessary resources are linked in the timetable or attached below.
Timetable: T6W4 Fox
TIMETABLE – 29th June 2020
TIMETABLE – 6th July 2020
This is in addition to daily White Rose Maths and BBC bitesize English tasks
TIMETABLE – 13th July 2020